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Aashish Sinha

It is very difficult to understand the SAP PI alert JSON message sent to functional/business users. Business users keep asking about the key attributes for alert is generated. This requirement normally takes some custom development

I worked on multiple scenarios where we used to receive data from our partners and I know most of you including me used to exchange certificate rather using simple username/password combination for exchanging data with

We received a requirement where based on one segment’s multiple occurance of an Idoc, we need to create multiple files as output (Based on occurance of a particular segment). Normally, in the receiver side we

I came across with  a situation where client was looking out for one WSDL with multiple operations in it. Lets say, If one cleint program depending upon incoming values from legacy, want to route messages

I came across with lots of questions related with SOAP with attachments in PI and can’t see many guides/blogs related to this. So I thought to clear the cloud on this with a Synchronous SOAP-PI-Proxy

We can raise an alert in SAP PI 7.31 by scheduling AlertConsumerJob for a particular Consumer (Default given by SAP is ALERT-TO-MAIL) using a Java Mail client. After setting up Java mail client we can

I have been working upon SOAP adapters since long time. Including myself, a lot of people are dependent upon third party software like XMLSPY, SOAPUI, and MS InfoPath etc to push SOAP request to SAP

Recently, in one of my project a requirement came to generate the output/target file in excel or .xls format. It was challenge how to generate these files because we cannot directly generate a file in

As I described one approach to convert incoming XML file into Excel XML, this part will convert it to excel sheet using Adapter module in SAP PI. Link to Part 1 XSLT Ways – Convert