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I know that the new SCN is a fact and we just have to learn to live with it, and eventually we will be able to use it the way the makers have designed it for,

Hi Everyone, Today I got a request from a customers user for a report with contactpersons and their e-mail adresses. I said it would be very simple to generate this with the query generator. Unfortunately

Hello everyone, Some time ago I came across the DI commander Get Your Kicks with DI Commander | SCN and later the DI Commander 2.0 – The New Generation Scripting… | SCN both great work

In some situations it is possible that you are missing a license to assign to a user. This might happen if you are working in a test administration where you created a test user and

Hi everyone, My name is Andy and I wanted to tell you about the vlogs I create for SAP users. The vlogs are about functions in SAP and are beginners to intermediate level. As we

In my 4th vlog I am showing how to prevent the error: date deviates from permissable range. This error occurs when the due date of your posting period is not covering the documents due date.

In the past it was very devious when you executed a payment run where unfortunately an error slipped in, to cancel all payments in this run. Since version 9.1 this has been solved with a

In this Dutch vlog I show how to use the Drag and Relate function. You can view it on our youtube channel AsecomNL SAP Business One – Drag & Relate – Asecom Vlog #2 –

In this vlog I explain how you can create a historical aging report for customers en vendors . You can watch it on SAP Business One – Historische openstaande postenlijst – Asecom Vlog #1 –