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SAP Business Network for Logistics 2311 Release – What’s New?

New features and assets for SAP Business Network for Logistics have been released over the last weekend! With this blog, I would like to share the highlights of the 2311 release. It is intended for shippers and solution owners, carriers and data providers as well as sales and presales colleagues who already have a detailed understanding of SAP Business Network for Logistics.

This month, there are not only new functionalities, but there is also a new asset to support logistic providers such as carriers and data contributors in getting started with SAP Business Network for Logistics (see below section user assistance).

User Assistance

On SAP Help Portal, there is a new page available for logistics providers at SAP Business Network Logistics Provider, basic membership. Logistics providers are invited by their business partners (often shippers) to join SAP Business Network for Logistics.

A logistics provider can be:

  • A carrier in SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration or
  • A data contributor in SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

This page is the central entry point for carriers and data contributors to find all relevant assets regarding activation and administration, integration and operation of SAP Business Network for Logistics – consolidated in one place.

In addition to existing Freight Collaboration and Global Track and Trace assets, this page offers links to videos, presentations, and blog posts.


Our recommendation is to start with the ‘Introduction to SAP Business Network for Logistics’ – deck or video (highlighted in screenshot above) to understand what SAP Business Network for Logistics is about, why to join as a logistics provider and what steps to take to get started.


SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

Road LTL tracking service

You can now use the road LTL tracking service through the project44 unified API. For configuration details, see Use Tracking Services Through project44 Unified API.


All Fulfillment Tracking apps: Dynamic date range filter for timestamp fields

The timestamp filters now support dynamic date range, which allows you to choose a relative date or date range, such as yesterday, tomorrow, or last 7 days.

If the setting is saved as ay view/tile, the filtering results will automatically adjust each time you apply the view.


All Standard applications: Resizing of columns is now enabled

On the worklist page, you can now resize columns in the worklist to see the full text by dragging the column border. The change can also be saved as a view/tile.


All Standard Applications: Attachment preview enabled

In the events table, tracking timeline and on the event details page, you can now click on ‘attachments’ to get a preview of files, instead of downloading them directly.


Execution status logic enhanced

‘Monitor Inbound ASN’, ‘Monitor Outbound Deliveries’ and ‘Track Shipments’ app now run on an enhanced completion logic for shipments and freight units: the shipment is set to ‘completed’ when a planned ‘delivered at destination’ event is reported.

Previously only ‘proof of delivery’ or ‘arrival at destination’ could change the execution status to ‘completed’. With recent integration with visibility providers, we found that arrival at destination event is not always provided and the delivered event seems more common e.g. LTL and parcel.


SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration

Download code lists in different languages

Shippers can now download a spreadsheet with the standard code lists in the language that they defined in user settings.


Base64-encoded attachments supported in ‘Provider API for Order Events (FC)’

Base-64-encoded attachments are now supported when uploading attachments via the ‘Provider API for Order Events (FC)’.


Create up to 10 entities for working hours per validity period

Shippers can now create up to 10 entities for working hours per validity period (instead of 5) to manage their entities for dock appointment scheduling. This applies to the following entities:

  • Loading point
  • Docking location
  • Gate
  • Yard


‘Freight Orders for Confirmation’ app and corresponding Provider API can now handle driver mobile number, truck ID and trailer ID

On the details page of the the ‘Freight Orders for Confirmation’ app, the ‘Drivers and License Plate’ tab has been renamed to ‘Drivers and Resource Details’. Carriers can now enter the mobile number details, truck ID, and trailer ID in this tab.

The ‘Provider API for Freight Subcontracting’ has also been enhanced to send the mobile number details, truck ID, and trailer ID.

Note that the driver mobile number and the truck ID details that you enter here are used for tracking purposes.


Further changes in the ‘Freight Orders for Confirmation’ app:

  • Carriers can now search on ‘document reference type’ and ‘document ID’
  • Fields that are not relevant for a shipment document are not displayed


Carriers can now filter on ‘Ordering Party’ when managing settlement

In the settlement apps ‘Invoice Freight Documents’, ‘Manage Invoices’ and ‘Review Freight Documents’, carriers can now filter on ‘Ordering Party’.


SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration, Global Track and Trace and intelligent insights add-on: Connectivity and Integration

Manage Integration Log Version 2: new column ‘Reprocessable’

On the ‘Logs’ tab (and analogously on the ‘All Logs’ tab), there is a new column ‘Reprocessable’ available. It indicates whether a message log can be reprocessed or not.

Not all messages with status ‘Failed’ or ‘Escalated’ are eligible for reprocessing. Only the latest message in check of a combination of several fields such as ‘Sender, Document ID’, ‘Document Type’, and ‘Source System’ is eligible for reprocessing. In certain cases, the check is also extended to additional information, such as ‘Event Type’ or ‘Reported Time’.

For more information, see Reprocessing Integration Messages.


Administration guides for carrier and data contributor reworked

Admin Guides for Carriers (FC) and Data Contributors (GTT) have been brought together into one Administration Guide for Logistics Providers.


SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration and Global Track and Trace: Connectivity and Integration

New messages about reprocessing errors

New error messages are now available when an external API communication fails in the integration layer.



A full overview of the 2311 release can be found in the following link.

The above summarizes the key innovations in 2311. We hope you enjoy the new capabilities. Thanks for reading the blog post and stay tuned!

To learn more about SAP Business Network for Logistics visit SAP – Business Network for Logistics.

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Business Network for Logistics.


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