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AI capabilities in SAP CX

There is lot of buzz around Artificial Intelligence these days and AI adaption is on fast track across industries. It is estimated to add 2.6 trillion 4.4 trillion USD to the global economy. Organizations are forced to increase their investment in AI and targeting to use the Generative AI at least in one of their business functions.

In this blog, I want to highlight different categories of AIs and associated capabilities that can be leveraged in SAP CX portfolio of products.SAP%20Business%20AI%20Approach

SAP Business AI Approach

AI enabled processes enables organizations to anticipate customer behavior, automate certain tasks and personalize each step of the customer journey.

Using business technology platform SAP Business AI connects the Customer Data solutions (Sales, Service, Marketing and Commerce data) with Operational data solutions (ERP, SCM, HCM, FM etc.,)

There are 3 categories of Artificial Intelligence capabilities and they are

  1. Predictive AI
  2. Generative AI
  3. Conversational AI

Let us look at the use cases and general availability of each one of these capabilities.

Predictive AI:

It uses statistical algorithms and Machine Learning to forecast trends, behavior, patterns, and predictions from large data sources. SAP harnesses AI & ML technology to analyze CX and ERP data to score key metrics and make personalized recommendations.

Below are some of the Predictive AI capabilities in SAP CX space.

SAP CX Solution Predictive Capability Description AI Category GA / Roadmap
Emarsys Customer Engagement Predictive Customer Segments Launch e-mail campaigns to the right target customers Predictive GA
Send Time Optimization Launch e-mail campaigns at the optimal time when customers are most likely to engage with the campaigns Predictive GA
Predictive Recommendations Provide personalized product and content recommendations across email, web and mobile based on online and offline data Predictive GA
Channel Personalization Connect with customers who are most likely to engage on specific channels Predictive GA
Sales Cloud Lead Scoring The lead score indicates the likelihood of conversion of lead to opportunity. Predictive GA
Opportunity Scoring Opportunity scoring uses the machine learning model trained on past sales data to predict the winning probabilities of a deal. Predictive GA
Relationship Intelligence Provides insights on previous and current contact strength Predictive GA
Customer Insights Provides growth opportunities and interactions from each customer Predictive GA
Service Cloud Case Categorization Categorizes the case automatically and route to the right agent Predictive GA
Similar Cases Identifies similar cases based on the subject and description and to help the agent to find the right solution quickly. Predictive GA
Commerce Cloud Product Recommendations Recommends products based on purchasing patterns, trends and related products Predictive GA
CDP – CIAM Security Monitoring Provides real time alerts for suspicious behaviors Predictive GA
Account AI Take Over Protection Enhances data security with risk based authentication Predictive GA
Dynamic Identity Flows Enhances the customer journey with AI/ML data capture optimization Predictive Coming soon

Generative AI:

Generative AI refers to refers to models or algorithms that generates brand new output such as text, image or other media based on the input training data.

Below are some of the Generative AI capabilities within SAP CX.

SAP CX Solution Predictive Capability Description AI Category GA / Roadmap
Emarsys Customer Engagement Subject line Generator Craft/edit subject lines based on the email campaign content Generative Q1 ‘24
Block Content Generation Creates content and audience input fields for each email block. Generates targeted, compelling email content that delivers right message to the right audience. Generative

Q1 ‘24


Sales Cloud

Account Summarization


Generates summaries based on account business transactions Generative Q4 ‘23
Contact Summarization Generates summaries based on account business transactions Generative Q4 ‘23
Talking Points Provides insights that will be used to personalize the interactions with the customer Generative Q4 ‘23
Service Cloud Case Summarization Display case summary and simplify agent experience Generative Q4 ‘23
Email Generation Generates e-mail drafts to respond to customer inquiries Generative Q4 ‘23

Conversational AI :

Conversational AI enables computes to understand, process human language. It refers to technologies such as chatbot, digital assistant that performs certain tasks and can simulate human conversation using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.

SAP Joule is generative AI Copilot that acts as a digital assistant and is embedded in SAP CX and other SAP solutions. Employees can simply ask a question in a plain language and receive intelligent answers drawn from the business data across the SAP CX portfolio and third-party sources.

Hope this blog provides an high level understanding of AI capabilities that are currently available and planned in near future for SAP CX portfolio of products.


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      Author's profile photo Anjaneyulu Venkata
      Anjaneyulu Venkata

      Thanks Srini for providing the insight on AI capabilities