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ADIPEC 2023: Paving the Way for Decarbonization on Crew and Joint Ventures Management

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2023, held from October 2nd to October 5th, was a significant event that not only emphasized the industry’s global commitment to decarbonization but also opened new doors of opportunity for the SAP Industry Cloud Partner Intcom. Under the theme “Decarbonizing. Faster,” ADIPEC 2023 brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators from all over the globe to discuss the pressing issues and opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Intcom, a key player in providing cutting-edge solutions for the oil and gas industry, made its presence felt at ADIPEC 2023. The company’s CEO, Alvaro Antunes was prominently stationed at the SAP stand throughout the event, showcasing the company’s dedication to fostering new collaborations and sharing their latest offerings.

The remarkable partnership between SAP and Intcom is a testament to their journey that commenced back in 2018, with a SAP Startup Focus Program that would eventually transform the business landscape. What began as a promising collaboration soon evolved into a substantial alliance as Intcom was recognized as an SAP Partner Edge Build, signifying their commitment to innovation and excellence. As their partnership grew stronger, it culminated in a historic achievement, with Intcom becoming the first SAP Industry Cloud partner in Latin America. This extraordinary achievement highlights their combined dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services that drive digital transformation across the region and to clients around the world, cementing their position as pioneers in the realm of technology and business innovation.

One of the main highlights of ADIPEC 2023 for Intcom was the discussion of new commercial opportunities for their BlueOpex solution. BlueOpex is an advanced shifts and scheduling planning tool, designed to streamline and optimize operations within the oil and gas sector. It offers a comprehensive solution for crewing management, helping companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety. During the event, Intcom engaged in fruitful discussions with potential clients in the Middle East who expressed keen interest in the capabilities of BlueOpex. This presents an exciting opportunity for Intcom to expand its reach and contribute to the industry’s sustainable growth.

In addition to discussions around BlueOpex, Intcom unveiled a groundbreaking solution, the BlueJV, at the SAP Store during ADIPEC 2023. The BlueJV is designed to manage joint venture operations and seamlessly integrate with the SAP JVA (Joint Venture Accounting) module. This innovative offering simplifies and enhances the management of joint ventures in the oil and gas sector, streamlining complex operations and ensuring transparency and efficiency in financial transactions.

ADIPEC 2023 was a perfect platform for Intcom to present the BlueJV to a global audience. The event facilitated discussions with several International Oil Companies (IOCs) from different corners of the world who were eager to explore this solution. This strategic move to showcase the BlueJV at ADIPEC and engage with IOCs offered an opportunity to foster partnerships and demonstrate Intcom’s commitment to driving excellence in the industry.

The theme of “Decarbonizing. Faster” at ADIPEC 2023 reflects the industry’s growing awareness of the urgent need to reduce its environmental footprint. As oil and gas companies seek to transition to cleaner and more sustainable practices, Intcom’s software solutions, such as BlueOpex and BlueJV, align perfectly with these objectives. These tools not only improve operational efficiency but also support the industry’s sustainability goals by reducing waste, optimizing resource utilization, and enhancing decision-making.

In conclusion, ADIPEC 2023 provided a platform for industry leaders and innovators to discuss the future of the oil and gas sector in a decarbonizing world. For Intcom, it was an opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions and engage with potential clients. The introduction of the BlueJV and discussions around the BlueOpex solution with Middle East clients opened new avenues for growth and collaboration. As the industry continues its journey toward decarbonization, Intcom remains at the forefront, delivering software solutions that enable oil and gas companies to operate more efficiently and sustainably. ADIPEC 2023 was not just a conference; it was a significant step toward a cleaner and more prosperous future for the industry, with Intcom leading the charge.

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