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SAP Data Services 4.3 and SAP Information Steward 4.3 – Enhancements and Certifications quick reference


This  document is for quick and easy updates on SAP Data Services 4.3 and SAP Information Steward 4.3. This post will be appended as and when new service packs or patches are released.  The purpose of this blog is to help the SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward users take a quick look on the enhancements applied by service pack levels in the respective products. Each of the features\enhancement is hyperlinked to the help documents for a convenient access to the details of the topic in product documentation. This blog also has the certifications information linked by each service pack.


On April 29th, 2022, SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward did the minor release of 4.3 SP00 version ,which succeeded the last active version of SAP Data Services 4.2  and its service pack and related patches. In general, there have been two service packs per year, as GA, consisting of enhancements and fixes, periodically provided to the users. Some of the enhancements and functionalities that has high impact to our user base are listed below. Additionally, there has been major enhancements applied to the system libraries to make the products fully compliant for security requirements and made compatible with the latest and greatest of the third-party libraries. This also included addressing the compatibility of the supported versions of Information Platform Services.

To keep our large user base running their ETL and Data Integration infrastructure with enhanced integration and security needs into the major cloud providers and their prominent data systems, we have listed some of the highlights below. However, please refer to the SAP Data Services PAM and SAP Information Steward PAM for the latest compatibility information.


SAP Data Services 4.3 enhancements starting with latest SP


Sequence# Features and enhancements – DS 4.3 SP02
1 Connect to Amazon Athena using Simba Athena ODBC driver
2 Connect to Snowflake using key pair authentication for server-based (DNS-less) connections. Data Services repository upgrade is needed
3 Connect to Microsoft Azure AD with password authentication on the Azure PaaS repository and datastore and on the Azure Synapse Analytics datastore.
4 SAP Data Services now supports importing metadata for OData V4 function operations to use in dataflows
5 Support for the US Postal Service CASS Cycle O implementation. Both the national directories and the USPS CASS directories are affected by CASS O and USPS data changes.
6 Support for JSON web token (JWT) single sign-on user authentication mechanism for SAP HANA on-premise and cloud servers.
7 Support for IAM (Identity and Access Management) authentication for Amazon Redshift as an alternative to basic authentication.
8 Use the new option, Request Timeout (ms), when you configure connections in a file location object that uses RESTful Web Services.
9 Mandatory updates for address directories for USA Regulatory Address Cleanse (URAC) and Global Address Cleanse (GAC).
10 Deliverable street highrise default. CASS O requires that records that match both a street address and a highrise default address be assigned at the street address in specific situations.
11 PBSA identifier directory. SAP Data Services supports a new DPV directory that lists all PBSA (PO Box Street Address) records.
12 The DPV Drop indicator identifies delivery points that serve multiple businesses or families, such as CMRA.
13 Changes were made to the Military Addressing format (“Mail” was changed to “Postal”) for some special street name designators.
14 CASS O Report updates. The USPS implemented changes to PS Form 3553 and new CASS O features to the US Addressing Report.
15 CASS O: CMRA/PMB DPV confirmation. CASS O requires that SAP Data Services processes records in the CMRA (Customer Mail Receiving Agency) directory in specific ways. Additionally, SAP Data Services determines how to output the PMB (Post Office Mail Box) unit designator by the content and location of the secondary information.
16 To comply with CASS O changes to DPV, SAP Data Services updated applicable DPV status codes and footnotes.
17 CASS O: NCOALink: Mandatory File dhdr.txt for the Daily Delete Directory. You must download and install the new file into the same directory where the NCOALink directory and daily delete files (dailydel.dat) are located.
18 CASS O: NCOALink and DSF2 Monthly Reports – Installation Considerations. Information about how and when to install Data Services 4.3 SP02 Patch 3 Hotfix 1 for CASS O compliance of monthly reports
19 CASS O directories allow for cross state addresses, which are addresses from multiple states that fall into the same ZIP Code.
20 SAP Data Services 4.3 SP2 updated the single trailing alpha functionality based on updates by CASS O.
21 CASS O: Informed Addressing. SAP Data Services identifies addresses that are a part of the USPS Informed Addressing (IA) program.
22 CASS O: R777 and R779 carrier route matching. The USPS reserves the carrier routes R777 and R779 for “phantom route” addresses, which aren’t eligible for street delivery.
23 The USPS has a new DPV No Stat Reason Code table with codes that represent the reason why an address is a DPV No Stat record.


Sequence# Features and enhancements – DS 4.3 SP01
1 For DSN-less connections to your PostgreSQL databases, enable SSL/TLS with optional X509 authentication. 
2 Microsoft SQL Server repository support on Linux: Now you can create a SQL Server repository on Linux and then register the repository in the CMC.
3 In SAP Data Services 4.3 SP1, a Request Timeout(ms) option was added to the Advanced options for all authorization schemas in the SAP Data Services REST Web Service datastore.
4 Added support for V2 or V4 and OAuth 2.0 authentication with the saml2-bearer grant type for the SFSF OData API.
5 Support of bulk loading blob and clob columns to SAP IQ and SAP HANA Data Lake databases. 
6 Enabled, by default,  the MultiSubnetFailover attribute to ‘Yes’ in the SQL Server connection string to support the Microsoft SQL Server Always On for availability groups feature for the SQL Server repository. 
7 SAP BW/4HANA InfoObjects as targets. Enabled to load BW/4HANA InfoObjects (both Master data and Text) by using a BW target type datastore. You can then use BW/4 HANA InfoObjects as targets in your data flows.
8 SuccessFactors adapter support for OAuth 2.0. Added OAuth 2.0 based authentication with saml2-bearer grant type for SFSF native API for the SuccessFactors adapter. 
9 Support for IBM DB2 repository with the SSL/TLS secure authentication and data encryption for server-based (DSN-less) connections.
10 Create a database datastore to connect to your SAP HANA Cloud data lake database for both DSN and DSN-less connections.
11 Support for the Data Services Global Suggestion List (GSL) transform is being deprecated in the Data Services 4.3 SP01 release and will be removed in a future release. We recommend that you use the suggestion list generation capabilities that already exist within the Global Address Processing (GAP) engine.
12 Enabled OData V2 function import operations to use the entity (table) related operations in your data flows. 


Sequence# Features and enhancements – DS 4.3 SP00
1 Enhanced the Google Cloud Storage file location object with a new option named Region (for new bucket only).
2 SSL/TLS protocol is now supported when you connect to SAP IQ databases using a server-based (DSN-less) connection.
3 Enable SSL/TLS protocol for an SAP HANA repository for both DSN and server-based (DSN-less) connections. 
4 Ezdeploy discontinued. Data Services 4.3 no longer supports the SAP Data Services rapid deployment package for SAP HANA-specific configurations, also known as Ezdeploy.
5 New built-in functions are available for loading data to Azure Synapse Analytics, formerly known as Azure Data Warehouse.
6 Security enhancement SAP ASE sources and targets. Configure SSL/TLS communication for SAP ASE sources and targets for use in SAP Data Services data flows.
7 Use the new OData URL suffix adapter option to add additional parameters to the end of all OData URLs that are sending requests.
8 In SAP Data Services 4.3 SP00, Workbench is no longer available so you must use the Data Services Designer to design and handle Workbench objects. 
9 On creation of a datastore for Microsoft SQL Server databases, you can select either Kerberos or NTLM (NT LAN Method) authentication to secure your connection.
10 OData V2 now supports server-side pagination and batch processing, which can improve performance when extracting and loading data.
11 Create an Oracle repository with TCPS (Transmission Control Protocol Secures) for either TSN or server-based (TSN-less) connections. 
12 Secure your connection to Teradata 17.10 databases with SSL/TLS encryption configured in a Teradata datastore.
13 SSL/TLS protocol is now supported for your MySQL repository. 
14 SSL/TLS protocol is now supported for your Microsoft SQL Server repository when you use a server-based (DSN-less) connection. 
15 A new built-in function is available for loading data from files in Azure Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 storage to a specified table in your Snowflake cloud storage. 


SAP Data Services certifications links

  1. 4.3 SP02
  2. 4.3 SP01
  3. 4.3 SP00


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