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Return Delivery of Goods W/O Shipping (Using 451 Movement Type)

Returns from customer: (With Out Shipping)

Using movement type 451, you post customer returns without a return’s delivery in Shipping into blocked stock returns. The quantity is transferred from blocked stock returns to unrestricted-use stock and thereby transferred to valuated stock.

Process Flow steps:

  1. Create Material here maintain item category as “NORM” in sales view.
  2. Create customer master in BP/XD01 T -Code.
  3. Create Sales Order in VA01 T -Code.
  4. Create Outbound Delivery with reference to sales order in VL01N T -Code.
  5. Create Billing in VF01 T -Code.
  6. Customer Returns (W/O Shipping) in 451 Movement Type MIGO T -Code.
  7. Returns from Customer – Reversal in 452 Movement Type MIGO T -Code.

STEP 1: Create Material in (MM01)

Here, I have maintained in Item category group in sales view.

Material created under the number 6000194.

STEP 2: Create Customer master in (BP/XD01)

Customer created under the number 900001005.

To collect the goods from the customer 1st we need to deliver the goods to the customer.

STEP 3: Created Sales Order in (VA01)

Order type is OR

Maintained Organizational Data.

Here, maintained all required data like Sold-To party, customer reference, payment terms, Incoterms, material, plant, and amount etc.

Sales Order created under the number 576.


STEP 4: Create the Delivery with reference to Sales order in (VL01N)

Delivery Type – LF (outbound delivery)

Here, maintained shipping point and Delivery type.

Here entered Pick up qty and storage location after maintaining the required data, check the incompleteness if any data is missed then click on the Post Goods issue or save button.

Outbound Delivery created under the number 80000355.


STEP 5: Create Billing in (VF01)

Billing created under the number 97000066.

Now check the stock in MMBE.

Here decreases the stock.

STEP 6: Customer Returns (W/O Shipping) in 451 M. Type/Goods Movement in (MIGO)

Goods Issue with reference to Others in 451 Movement type (W/O Shipping).

In this step the customer returns the goods if the stock is damaged or Poor Quality.

Here I am returning the 2 Quantity of goods.

Here maintained required data like Material, Plant, SLOC, Quantity and Customer. After maintaining the data check and post.

Material document 400000481 posted.

No subsequent document found in accounting.

Now check the Stock in MMBE.

Here Return Stock is Updated.


STEP 7: Returns from Customer – Reversal in (MIGO)

Cancellation W.r.t material document in 452 movement type.

Here automatically triggered in 452 movement type.

Material Document Posted 400000482.

No subsequent document found in accounting.

Now check the Stock in MMBE.

Here Return Stock is decreased.

Hope this blogpost will be help full. 


Thank you. 


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