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SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Solution Process

Solution scenarios consists of solution architecture called solution processes which are the entities used to implement a business scenario. Solution processes show how a solution scenario is implemented. The solution process can be further broken down to multiple solution process flows, which can be extrapolated into multiple variants and solution process flow diagrams. Each solution process flow is comprised of solution activities, which detail the various steps in each solution process. 

Each solution activity is comprised of solution actions, which are individual actions that a user performs in the system. In SAP Signavio Process Navigator, solution process capabilities are displayed as a tile. The number on the solution process tile indicates the number of solution processes available.


Figure 1 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Solution Process  

The list shows solution processes, to which solution scenario it is assigned to, version and country details.  

Filtering option is available based on   

  • Solution Scenario  
  • Solution scenario version 
  • Country/Region  

 In addition, solution processes can be filtered based on Name and country as well.  

Figure 2 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Solution Process search result

Accessing details of solution processes


The main function of SAP Signavio Process Navigator is to provide insights into the details of reference solution processes delivered by SAP. SAP Signavio Process Navigator provides a comprehensive overview of each process, and its related solution process flows.

  • Solution Process Flow diagram provides an overview of the solution process. It is commonly used as a solution process definition.
  • Solution value flow diagram is abstract definition of a solution process based on an underlying business process model.

A solution process consists of at least one solution process flow. In case of multiple solution process flow diagrams, the user can switch between them.

Figure 3 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Diagrams

Used In 

Different solution scenarios can share the same solution processes to avoid redundant solution process maintenance for each scenario. TheUsed Intab shows you whether a solution process is reused. 

Figure 4 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Used In  


At the Solution process level what are the implementation accelerators available displayed under the Accelerators tab.  

Several accelerators such as set-up instructions, test scripts, or tutorials are available.  

Figure 5 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Accelerators

Additionally, if there is any translated version, there is option for translation to respective languages.

Figure 6 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Accelerators – Translated versions


TheDescriptiontab provides access to the solution process description, including the business benefits, key process steps, and general background to the process. More importantly, the documentation also provides the following information:  

  • Additional Products Requiring Licenses
    This process depends on another solution component, and that solution requires additional licenses. 
  • Exclude from Default Activation
    In this solution scenario, the configuration for this solution process is not automatically deployed to the customer tenant. This is because the customer typically needs to take a dedicated decision for the activation. 
  • Reason for Excluding from Default Activation
    Reasoning behind why this solution process cannot be activated by default. 

Figure 7- SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Descriptions


The integration tab is available when the solution processes have integration scenarios. Solution processes can span multiple solution components, in which case an integration is required. These integrations are mostly semi-automated and described in Cloud Integration Automation Services (CIAS). 

 The Hierarchy of the integration details out the integration structure.  

 Figure 8 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Integration hierarchy

SAP Signavio Process Navigatorsupports integration by linking to the details provided by SAP Maintenance Planner. 

Figure 9 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Integration

Country/Region Relevance

In SAP Signavio Process Navigator, the country/Region relevance describes the how a solution process is defined and configured for a particular country/region version.

Figure 10 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Country/Region relevance

Industry Relevance

The industry relevance in SAP Signavio Process Navigator shows you the detailed information about to which industry the selected Solution Process is relevant.

Figure 11 – SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Industry Relevance 

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