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Sales Order Creation using DOX and SAP Build Process Automation

Are you interested in automating the creation of sales orders by extracting data from PDFs?

In this blog, we will explain how we used SAP proprietary OCR DOX and SAP Build Process Automation to create a sales order from an incoming purchase order PDF in a step-by-step process

We will go through following steps.

  1. Create an Automation to get the data using Document Information Extraction and trigger the process.
  2. Create a Process for following.
    1. Approval form
    2. Decision — to fetch sales org data from vendor name.
    3. Automation to create sales order.
    4. Sends mail.

1.Create an Automation to get the data using Document Information Extraction and trigger the process.

        Refer this blog post to know how to trigger process

  • When the Bot starts running, it checks the mail having particular subject in Microsoft outlook. Once it finds the mail saves all the attachments from that mail into the local file path.
  • Now, it goes to each attachment it downloaded from mail and checks the file is PDF. If it not PDF moves to another file.
  • For pdf file using Document Information Extraction will extract the required fields from the pdf and pass this fields as an input to the process and it triggers the process.


 2.Create a Process for Sales order creation.


Once the process triggered.

  1. If overall confidence extraction is more than 75 %, then it sends approval form to superior by providing extracted data in the form.
  2. Superior will check the information provided in the form, if it was rejected then it sends mail to the customer and ends the process, if it was approved then it moves to the next step.
  3. We Create a Decision to check Sender name is as same as purchase order PDF then we give appropriate values to (Sales Org, Division, Distribution channel)


  1. Now we use Automation, which will create Sales order.



Drag and Drop Activity

      • Now in this Automation, first it will set SAP connection by providing (username, password, message server, client, language, System ID, instance).
      • In “GetInternalCustomer” Automation we will execute BAPi by passing import as sender Name, table with structure and as output it returns “Internal customer”.
      • In “GetInternalCustomer – 2” Automation we will execute BAPi by passing import as ship To Name, table with structure and as output it returns “Internal customer”.
      • Now will execute BAPI(BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2) by passing.

 Import- (all the sales Area input fields)

Table – (as internalSenderName,internalShipToName,all internalMaterialnumber, quantity)

 Returns – Sales Order number.

      • As an output we will get Sales order number from this Automation.
  1. Sending Mail

Using the condition, we will check the sales order number which is coming from automation is valid or not. we send appropriate mail to the customer depending on sales order creation.



I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful.With the power of Document Information Extraction(DOX), Build process Automation and decision intelligence, you can automate sales order creation. Please share your feedback, it would be helpful to learn and explore more.

SAP Build and Build Apps can help organizations automate processes that are currently manual, freeing up time and resources for other tasks.SAP Build Process Automation can help organizations automate tasks that are repetitive or time-consuming, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic work.By integrating SAP Build Process Automation with Generative AI, organizations can automate tasks that were previously impossible to automate, such as identifying and extracting data from documents or images.This can help organizations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and better serve their customers.

Check this blog to get an idea how to use Generative AI in SAP Build Process Automation.

Thanks for taking your time & going through the blog.

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