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Unleashing the Power of SAP DevOps Certification: A Path to Professional Excellence

In the fast-paced world of technology, where agility and speed are paramount, DevOps has become a transformative force. DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that emphasizes communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals. For software development partners this leads to an increase in efficiency that makes it possible to achieve the ever-faster development speed demanded by customers and stakeholders. SAP DevOps certification is the icing on the cake here. It underscores the partner’s competence and commitment to excellence. It helps differentiate in the market and gives it a competitive edge in attracting new customers.

On the way to the cloud, many SAP customers seek the support of software partners, whether in the development and integration of future-proof applications or in the transformation of complex IT landscapes to the cloud. Fast delivery and high-quality products are principally demanded by customers.  Software partners that implemented DevOps in their development approach can meet this demand more easily. DevOps enables faster software delivery and enhanced product quality with lower technical operating costs. The Software solutions delivered are characterized by improved resilience, reduced errors, and shorter recovery times.

DevOps is a collection of software development and delivery practices that, among other things, aims to break down the silos between software development and IT operations, two critical but often misaligned areas. It is not a specific technology, but a tactical approach containing a set of practices, tools, and cultural values. Collaboration between development and operations teams can remove barriers and significantly improve software creation, deployment, and continuous monitoring. Implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, automation, and monitoring tools can significantly increase the efficiency of software development and deployment.

So, when customers expect rapid innovation and continuous value creation, DevOps in software development is a way to ensure prompt and high-level delivery of results.

SAP DevOps certification underscores the partner’s DevOps commitment and is the optimal reference for market awareness and customer acquisition. The underlying audit covers the various elements of DevOps in product development at the partner’s site: culture, best practices, and tools. A special focus lies on how the approach is lived in practice for the software development process, i.e. the communication between the development, operations teams, and further roles. Another emphasis is continuous, fast feedback (e.g., based on automated testing), general error handling, security, and the degree of further automation. The Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) is complemented by related topics and general usage of best practices.

During the audit the software partner benefits from SAP’s knowledge transfer and receives first-hand information. The audit also validates the process framework in terms of consistency with best practices, provides valuable insights, and identifies areas for improvement that help the partner to continuously improve the delivery of best-in-class solutions.

The SAP Certification adds credibility to the partner’s offering, sets it apart from its competitors, and generally leads to greater visibility. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, an SAP DevOps certification is not just a badge of honor, but a key to customer attraction. It underscores the partner’s commitment to agility, collaboration, and continuous improvement, as well as its dedication to customers’ success.


The SAP DevOps Certification can also be found in the SAP Partner Benefits Catalogue.

The most important information about the SAP Certification Program for Outsourcing Partners as well as an overview of all certified partners can be found on the SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner Guide.

To clarify your questions about the certification requirements and the certification process itself, please read our presentation.

The SAP Certification for Partners program is part of the larger PILS (Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services) team at SAP, which is a global team of experts who help partners develop innovative solutions on SAP platforms and products to enable customer success. They offer a comprehensive set of guided services to partners who provide hardware, IT operations, and software extensions. These include co-innovation, certification, and technical services to help customers transform their business and run intelligent enterprises.

Visit the SAP Partner Program:

Visit PILS at PartnerEdge: 

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