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SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management: Major releases for 2H 2023

Hi Community,

The 2H 2023 release is here!

A new set of enhancements has been released in the 2H 2023 release that has been eagerly awaited. The SAP SuccessFactors H2 2023 Release includes some key features and enhancements, so let’s take a closer look!

  • Add Goals from Goal Libraries to Performance Management and 360 Reviews Forms:

A Performance Management or 360 Review form can now include predefined performance goals from the Latest Goal Management library.


Add Goal Dropdown Menu


Create from Library Dialog on the Form

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The latest Goal Management is enabled.
  2. A goal plan that has a related goal library is linked to the form.
  3. Users are granted the create permission for goals in the goal plan template
  4. Users are granted write permission for goal fields in the goal plan template
  5. Allow users to add/remove Goals within the section selected for the form template.

Enablement: Automatically On

  • Allow Temporary Opt-Out for the Latest Version of Continuous Performance Management:

With this 2H 2023 release, Continuous Performance Management (CPM) will be upgraded to the latest version. Legacy users will be upgraded to the latest version but can revert to the legacy version from the Upgrade Center. The universal upgrade to the latest version will occur in 1H 2024. Those still using the legacy version of Continuous Performance Management (CPM) are affected by this change. If you’re already using the latest version of CPM, you don’t need to take any action.

Configuration Requirements:

  1. Admin Center>Upgrade Center and under Optional Upgrades> select the Rollback to Legacy Version of Continuous Performance Management.


Upgrade Center

Enablement: Customer Configured

  • Automatically Hide Prior Manager’s Feedback from the New Manager:

Administrators now have the option to automatically hide feedback from former managers in Continuous Performance Management. With this release, this enhancement is supported for non-Employee Central (non-EC) instances. This feature was supported for EC-enabled instances in the 1H 2023 release.

Previously, when a manager provided feedback to the employee and then left the company, or the employee inherited a new manager, the employee had the option to manually hide or delete the previous manager’s feedback from their new manager. While the previous behavior allowed the employee to hide or delete feedback, the process wasn’t automated.

Configuration Requirement:

  1. You have the latest version of Continuous Performance Management enabled.
  2. On the Continuous Performance Management Configuration view, the selection for Automatically Hide Prior Feedback Requested or Given by Former Manager from the New Manager


Continuous Performance Management Configuration View

Enablement: Customer Configured

  • Continuous Performance Management APIs to Support Activities and Achievements:

For Continuous Performance Management (CPM), representational state transfer (REST) APIs are now available on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. REST APIs have been developed for CPM to support activities and achievements. These actions include:


  1. Get Activities
  2. Post Activities
  3. Get Activity Record ID
  4. Patch Activity Record ID
  5. Delete Activity Record ID

Activity Updates

  1. Get Activity Updates
  2. Post Activity Updates
  3. Patch Activity Updates
  4. Delete Activity Updates

Activity Status

  1. Get Activity Status

User Permission

  1. Get User Permissions

Configuration Requirements:

  1. You’ve enabled the latest version of Continuous Performance Management (CPM).
  2. The SAP Business Accelerator Hub includes the information you need to use the CPM Activities APIs. See the Related Links section for a link.

Enablement: Customer Configured

  • Continuous Performance Management Label Changes to My Activities When Filtered by Goals:

You can filter activities by Performance or Development Goals. Only the label that shows activities unrelated to goals has changed, and no changes have been made to the functionality.


My Activities

Customer Community Idea

  • Copy Team Goals from Goal Plans:

By copying a team goal from any of their goal plans, users can create team goals. In just a few seconds, the new team goal can be set.


Copy Team Goals from Goal Plans

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The latest Goal Management is enabled.
  2. The Team Goals feature is enabled.
  3. There’s more than one goal plan template available to users.
  4. The user is the owner of at least one of the existing team goals.
  5. The TGM/CDP Goal Transfer Wizard feature is enabled.

Enablement: Customer Configured

Customer Community Idea

  • General Display Name Now Supported in Performance Management Admin Tools:

General Display Name is now supported in Performance Management admin tools. These include the following tools:

  1. Route Form
  2. Route Completed Forms
  3. Manage Route Maps
  4. Manage Form Route Map
  5. Manage Document Visibility
  6. Route Signature Stage Form
  7. Delete Form
  8. Restore Deleted Forms
  9. Change Form Date
  10. Launch Forms

Configuration Requirements:

  1. You’ve enabled the adoption of General Display Name.

Enablement: Automatically Enabled

  • Hide Unofficial Rating Fields from Official Rating Providers

Using Rating Option 2, you can now hide unofficial rating fields from users who provide official ratings, usually managers, without hiding Ratings from Others.


Performance Form

In the Manage Templates admin tool, grant users none permission for Unofficial User Rating to hide the field. Or, In an XML form template, configure none permission for user-item-cmt-rating.


Permissions Configuration Under Manage Template

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The permission configured for Unofficial User Rating in a form template won’t be applied to existing forms. If you want this feature, relaunch forms from the modified template.
  2. Regardless of whether you use Rating Option 2, please be aware of the differences between the field permissions Unofficial User Rating and Unofficial User Rating (Legacy)

Enablement: Customer Configured

Customer Community Idea

  • Last Ratings from Growth Portfolio on Performance Management Forms:

If you’ve migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub, users can now view the last skill or competency rating from Growth Portfolio, which is the latest proficiency rating that an employee has received for a skill or competency.

When From Growth Portfolio is selected as the last rating source in Form Template Settings, the most recent proficiency rating for a skill or competency is displayed on the Last Rating tab of that skill or competency. Users can go to the employee’s Growth Portfolio to see exactly where the proficiency rating comes from.


Last Rating in Performance Review Form

Configuration Requirements:

  1. You’ve migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub.
  2. The form template’s rating history type is set to Proficiency in the Manage Talent Intelligence Hub admin tool. Otherwise, the From Growth Portfolio option can’t be selected.

      What’s Changed:

  1. In the current version, you can select From a Form Template or From Growth Portfolio as the source of the last skill or competency ratings. You can also prepopulate the ratings from either source to rating fields.
  2. In the previous version, the last skill rating wasn’t available, and the configuration options depended on whether you enabled Job Profile Builder.

Enablement: Customer Configured

  • Latest Version of My Forms Page for Performance Management and 360 Reviews:

In the latest version of the My Forms page, you will find a more intuitive page layout, improved search functions, simplified flows for creating and managing forms, and other improvements to enhance your user experience.


Performance Inbox

Enablement: Automatically on (To disable it, you can access performance management feature setting tab)

  • Manage Milestones for Goals on Performance Management and 360 Reviews Forms:

On Performance Management and 360 Reviews forms, users can now create, edit, or delete milestones for goals with Latest Goal Management enabled.


Edit Goals Screen

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The latest Goal Management is enabled.
  2. Users are granted read or write permission for the milestone field in the goal plan template.

Enablement: Automatically on

  • New Configuration Setting for Specifying Goal Completion Status:

Now, the Admin can decide the Completion status for the goals based on the requirement.

Previously, To ensure users could mark their goals as complete on the home page, administrators had to set the state field to complete in the goal plan template to the last value.


Edit Goal Template Using Manage Template

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The latest Goal Management is enabled.
  2. Under Admin Center, administrators can also set trigger-completion=”true” to a state value in the goal plan template to complete the configuration.

Enablement: Customer Configured

Customer Community Idea

  • Print Goals to PDF Output:

The latest version of Goal Management allows users to print their goals as PDF files. Users can print up to 10 goals at a time. In addition to basic fields, users can include metric lookup tables and milestones in goal details. In addition, users are able to preview all the goals before printing them.



Goal Plan Print

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The latest Goal Management is enabled.

Enablement: Automatically On

Customer Community Idea

  • Skill Sections Available for Performance Management and 360 Reviews Forms:

Those of you who have migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub can now add skill sections to their Performance Management and 360 Reviews.

Section type Competency has been replaced by Attribute in the form template. Using the Attribute Type field, you can add either a skill section or a competency section.


Edit Performance Template

Configuration Requirements:

  1. You’ve migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub.
  2. No action is required for existing form templates that include competency sections. Their section type is automatically changed to Attribute and the attribute type is set to Competency.

Enablement: Customer Configured

  • Universal Push of 360 Reviews – SAP Fiori Version:

360 Reviews – SAP Fiori Version now officially replaces its predecessor 360 Reviews v11 Version, which will be deleted at the same time.

For customers still using 360 Reviews v11 Version, the upgrade will be deployed by our operations team in phases.

360 Reviews – SAP Fiori Version has been generally available for two years. It includes all essential features and functions that were available in 360 Reviews v11 Version while providing optimized interaction logic and modernized visual appeal.

Configuration Requirements:

The 360 Reviews v11 Version form templates will be locked and unavailable for creating new forms, though existing forms based on those templates will remain available. The legacy form templates must be validated and updated before they can be used.

Enablement: Automatically On

  • Use Content Search When Creating Goals from a Goal Library:

A keyword search is available when creating goals from a goal library in the latest Goal Management.

With the new Via Search tab, users can search for goals that match their needs quickly and add them to their goal list.


Add Goal Using Library

Configuration Requirements:

  1. The latest Goal Management is enabled.

Enablement: Automatically On

Customer Community Idea

  • Use Continuous Performance Management Data to Support Inferencing in Talent Intelligence Hub

Using Continuous Performance Management (CPM) data for an employee’s Growth Portfolio in the Talent Intelligence Hub can be enabled by an administrator.

Configuration Requirements:

  1. You’ve migrated to or implemented the Talent Intelligence Hub and enabled Growth Portfolio.
  2. You are on the latest version of Continuous Performance Management.
  3. Enable Continuous Performance Management data to be used to support skills inferencing in Talent Intelligence Hub under Continuous Performance Management Configuration.


Continuous Performance Management Configuration

Enablement: Customer Configured

  • Warning Message for Too Many Participants Added:

Users are notified when they attempt to add more than 500 participants to 360 Reviews.

Warning Message

“To avoid performance issues, we recommend that you add no more than 500 participants. You can remove excess participants or choose to continue.”

Enablement: Automatically On

Here are just a few of the changes included in the latest release. For a detailed release summary, check out the “What’s New Viewer” for a list of enhancements across the application.

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