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Spend Connect Live Takeaways for SAP Business Network Trading Partners

It is always a privilege to connect with our customers at SAP Spend Connect Live. I return to the office with new energy, ideas, and a fresh focus. What stood out to me most this year, was the equity given to both buyer and supplier experiences. The focus on adding value for our trading partners was prevalent from main stage to break out sessions. We’ve heard from trading partners that they are very interested to know what their customers are looking for and what they are learning at events like SAP Spend Connect Live.

Fresh on the heels of a packed three days in Vienna, I want to share what caught the most attention of buyers when it comes to trading partners – what made them sit up, lean in, and snap a pic of the screen.


#1 – Your Profile

In November’s release, SAP Business Network is launching a new, merged trading partner profile. Previously, as trading partners, you maintained both a company and marketing profile. Now that will be streamlined into one enhanced experience. What particularly drew attention here is the ability to upload a verified sustainability rating from Ecovadis. Robust profile information is critical as buyers want to be able to search our millions of suppliers for new sources, but it is even more significant when that profile information is verified. This verified rating will differentiate you on the network. Buyers are searching for suppliers that can help them meet their sustainability goals.

One of the main calls to action from the main stage was to go in and look at your profile. I talked to several trading partners who were updating their profiles in real time, at the conference center. If you’ve already been rated by Ecovadis – pull in your rating! While you’re in your profile, take a look at your regions and commodities. Most likely, you set up your profile when you first joined. Maybe you’re selling in new regions or have new product offerings? Is your contact information correct? Just as you would maintain your individual or company profiles on LinkedIn, a fresh, complete profile will stand out with Buyers.

#2 – New Network Catalog

Also in November, SAP Business Network is launching a new Network Catalog capability. Suppliers with an enterprise account will now be able to leverage this new solution to easily maintain a master catalog that includes products and services from all categories. Buyers will be able to search items directly on the network, and keywords from your catalog will enhance our SAP Business Network Discovery solution – with more intelligent matching. As a trading partner, this means greater visibility with buyer searches and more opportunities for new business with leads from SAP Business Network Discovery.

Buyers that we spoke with were very excited to learn more about Network Catalogs. This capability brings local suppliers into scope, particularly in regions where other catalogs are not available.

Once released, check SAP Business Network trading partner portal for guided tours, help documentation, and other resources to learn more about getting started with Network Catalog.

#3 Buyer Announcements

Last but not least, your customers will now have the ability to generate announcements to their trading partners on SAP Business Network. This allows your customers to communicate with you quickly and efficiently. Changes like contact information, changes in process, banking details, and more can be announced directly on SAP Business Network.

When new announcements are available, a notification will appear on the new loudspeaker icon in the top right of the trading partner portal. With the release, check out the announcements page to view and filter all of your announcements.



Our commitment to delivering trading partner value is more tangible now than ever. These are just some exciting highlights of what’s to come, but it is not a comprehensive list. It isn’t too late to register for our SAP Spend Connect Live virtual event where you can learn more about what we are doing in ISBN SAP Spend Connect Live Virtual

You can also visit SAP Roadmap Explorer for a comprehensive look at our upcoming innovations.


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      Author's profile photo Francois Xavier BOTTA
      Francois Xavier BOTTA

      Very excited by this 3 new features indeed !

      Just a little perplex on the "new profile" feature with Ecovadis rating as there is other sustainability rating providers that have a better coverage of suppliers like "integrity Next" for example (In a few words, Ecovadis rating are very accurate but the cost for the supplier to onboard in Ecovadis is very expensive while with other providers it's cheaper or even free...)

      Author's profile photo Amanda Laldin
      Amanda Laldin

      Hi Francois,


      Thank you for your comment. EcoVadis is integrated with the new supplier profile, allowing suppliers to upload a verified rating directly to their profile. However, suppliers also have the option to upload ratings from other providers such as Integrity Next as you mentioned.

      I hope this helps clarify your comment. Please let us know if you have any further questions.



      Amanda Laldin

      Author's profile photo Francois Xavier BOTTA
      Francois Xavier BOTTA

      Yes clearly understood but asking my thousands of suppliers to enter their rating manually is a huge workload for them, huge workload from my side to coordinate while the big rating provider (like Ecovadis but also Integrity next) have the standard APIs to provide this kind of data in an automatic way... If SBN wants to be the "network of networks", it needs to be as open as possible and facilitate the integration with the big 3-5 main providers of rating in each areas... 🙂

      Author's profile photo Amanda Laldin
      Amanda Laldin

      Thanks for sharing these incredible insights from our customers at Spend Connect Live Vienna!