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Enable cost and budget control through our new integration between SAP Concur and SAP S/4 HANA


With the latest SAP S/4 HANA release, customers can now incorporate funds availability and funds reservations in their spend lifecycle, ensuring that

  • Funds, grants, and budgets are maintained centrally in SAP
  • Programs and missions stay within budget
  • You can see planned spend and know where you stand on fund usage

An Integrated Spend Lifecycle

Using SAP Concur solutions, customers can incorporate funds checks and funds reservations throughout the spend lifecycle. Built in flexibility allows customers to decide when to reserve funds and what happens when funds are unavailable.

Seamless Communication

The new Funds Check option allows SAP Concur to communicate seamlessly with SAP S/4 HANA.

Successful Funds Check

A funds check is a point-in-time confirmation that sufficient funds are available to cover the anticipated spend. However, no transactions are made in the financial system.

If funds are available, SAP Concur will progress the request or expense report through the workflow.


Unsuccessful Funds Check

If funds are not available, SAP Concur will stop the workflow and either send the request or expense report back to the employee, or to someone designated to help employees with their fund selections.

Configuration options give customers flexibility to ensure employees are minimally impacted when a funds check is unsuccesful.


Funds Reservations

Funds reservations allow customers to reserve funds at any point in time in the spend lifecycle. For example, if an employee submits a request for upcoming travel, funds can be reserved right away.

This allows the employee to travel with confidence, knowing that if they stay within budget, their trip will be reimbursed.

When coupled with SAP Concur’s Request product, planning for upcoming spend is directly integrated with the financial system and timely feedback prevents cost overruns.


Draw from Funds Reservations

After employees spend, the integrated lifecycle continues, by drawing from the reserved funds for reimbursement.


Release Reserved Funds

After spend has occurred, reserved funds are released. Before this occurs many conditions are evaluated to ensure the employee has completed the expense process. Release will only occur when all expense reports related to the funds reservation are paid.



This powerful new integration gives SAP customers control of their Travel and Expense spend. I’m delighted to deliver this long-awaited innovation to our customers!

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      Author's profile photo Tuncay Karaca
      Tuncay Karaca

      Hi Sam Bates

      Thanks for the post. Is there any integration layers like SAP Cloud Integration between SAP Concur and SAP S/4 HANA technically speaking?


      Author's profile photo Sam Bates
      Sam Bates
      Blog Post Author

      There's a connector/layer between SAP Concur and SAP systems called SAP Concur Integration which supports the native integration between SAP products.

      If you're looking for APIs for a custom integration, we have that too! Currently it's available through SAP Concur Platform.

      I hope that answers your question.


      Author's profile photo Tuncay Karaca
      Tuncay Karaca

      Yes, that answers my question. Thank you!