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SAP Integration Suite – Multiple files mask with SFTP adapter

This blog illustrates the process of configuring multiple masks to effectively filter the contents of a directory, which are subsequently transmitted to SAP Integration Suite via SFTP adapters. This approach proves beneficial when dealing with data containing distinct file names that cannot be adequately selected using regular expressions alone. In this case, the input data will be sourced from the designated “input_data” folder and subsequently transferred to the “output_data” folder.

Integration flow example

The following example shows you how to set multiple file masks in one iflow.

The basic concept is to use several main integration processes for polling files and one subprocess for further files processing.

Step 1

The initial step entails the creation of an integration process that is triggered by an SFTP adapter. Within this process, a subprocess is invoked, containing the primary logic.

Now we create multiple same integration main processes. In this case are used four main processes.

Add subprocess with all logic. Don’t forget to assign subprocess to all main Integration processes

This is done by selecting “Process call” – > “Processing” -> “Name of the subprocess”.

Step 2

Now we set up address of the test folder, file name and credentials. In this tutorial are used already created credentials and test.

In this table are unique masks for file names which are as file Names in SFTP adapters:











This means that transfer files to output_data folder will be: tasks.txt, json test2.txt, ResponseData.txt, ResponseData.txt and cv_testDOCX.docx.

Step 3

Now we set how often will be folder checked.

This we will reapet to fill all sftp sender adapters.

Step 4

Configure SFTP adapter for adding files to output test folder.

In input folder are stored testing files.

In scheduled time, files will be transfer into output folder based on configured file masks.


In this blog, we have shown how to use multiple main integration processes in one iflow to retrieve files based on masks from an SFTP server.

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      Author's profile photo Michal Uhlír
      Michal Uhlír

      I must say it saved me a ton of time! Such invaluable insights and clear guidance. Grateful for this share! 🙌🕰️👏

      Author's profile photo Vladimír Balko
      Vladimír Balko

      Nice and useful (kind of) workaround. I just recently found out, that its possible to have more than one main process.