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Unlocking the Potential of Human Resources: Localization, Enablement, and Security Insights from SuccessConnect 2023

One week after SuccessConnect 2023, we are still buzzing with the energy and innovation that was showcased. The event emphasized the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly advancing Human Experience Management (HXM) landscape, with an intense focus on compliance, localizations, user enablement, and security aspects. SAP SuccessFactors showcased how its HXM suite helps businesses maintain compliance amid evolving global legislation and mitigate associated risks. 

A combination of localized solutions and efficient payroll offerings makes SAP SuccessFactors a crucial asset for organizations operating in multiple countries.  

In today’s world, the regulatory demand on businesses is rising, creating challenges to stay up to date and compliant with all changes. SAP SuccessFactors addresses a growing number of legal and regulatory changes affecting HR, providing embedded localization for compliance which allows companies to operate globally. The SuccessFactors suite provides capabilities to stay up to date with ever-changing regulations, delivering core HR solutions localized for more than 100 countries, and automated compliance to support businesses to meet local regulations across their locations.  


SAP SuccessFactors is user-centric, empowering users to access and interact with functionalities easily and effectively. With SAP Enable Now, users are provided with contextualized enablement content, as they need it during the flow of work. The beauty of this solution lies in its capacity for individual learning. Users can work at their own pace and allocate time as per their convenience.  

At SuccessConnect, the upcoming integration of SAP Joule, SAP’s digital assistant solution, was an exciting topic. SAP Joule will bring user enablement content, like the product documentation on SAP Help Portal, to the users’ context of work and will answer questions asked by the user based on the product documentation. Watch out for the announcements for this Generative AI-driven enablement feature in SAP Joule. 

Moreover, with its support of 45 languages, SAP SuccessFactors is breaking down language barriers, making sure that users can experience the enablement in their language of choice, further enhancing user satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. This includes the translation of the customer’s own content in SAP Enable Now with machine translation provided by SAP Translation Hub.  

Security and trust are at the heart of SAP SuccessFactors. The suite is compliant with globally recognized certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and BS 10012. These certifications cover data security and privacy regulations, demonstrating SuccessFactors’ commitment to maintaining high standards of data security and privacy. Security of business-critical data remains a non-negotiable element, ensuring peace of mind for the users. 

SuccessConnect 2023 also highlighted some impressive success stories. Ahold-Delhaize, a multinational retail company with 410,000 employees across 10 countries, and British Telecom (BT), with 100,000 employees in 180 countries, both presented their Recruit-to-Retire success stories in SAP’s public cloud. Ahold-Delhaize deployed the world’s largest SuccessFactors Payroll installation for their global business. BT group has implemented a single, integrated platform with SAP SuccessFactors. This allows everyone from employees, managers, to HR staff to perform every HR task from hire-to-retire.  

SuccessConnect 2023 reaffirmed the power of SAP SuccessFactors in the realm of Human Experience Management. With over 20 years of experience and 262+ million users around the world, SAP SuccessFactors continues to evolve. With compliance, localization, enablement, and security built-in, companies running the HXM suite not only improve employee experiences but are also enabled to meet local regulations wherever they operate.  


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