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Upload Static Profile Photo for a particular employee class using Intelligent Services Center (ISC) & Integration Center (IC)

In this blog, you will learn to upload static profile photo for a particular set of employees on hire event. Example: Contingent Workers, Temporary Staff etc. Whenever any hiring is done, for these employee classes, a static photo to be uploaded automatically.

This came as a requirement, and I used Intelligent Services Center (ISC) to address this. Integration of type OData v2 is added to upload the photo binary.

Let me explain in detail on how to achieve this: –

1. Navigate to Admin Center > Intelligent Services Center (ISC) > Search Hire eventNavigate%20to%20ISC

2. Click on Integration under Activities (All Subscribers)

3. We can either create the integration from here or create it from Integration Center directly. If we are creating from Integration Center, trigger type to be selected as “Intelligent Services”. Such Integrations will be listed here for us to add them to ISC.

Click on Create New Integration

4. Select Destination Type as “SuccessFactors“, Format as “OData v2″. Click on Create.


5. By default. Integration name shows as “EmpJob”. Edit the name as appropriately and click on “Configure Fields.”

6. Click on plus icon > type “Photo” in Add entity search bar > Select and click on “Add” to add the entity.

Photo%20entity%20fields%20are%20listed%20herePhoto entity fields are listed here


7. Here, we need to map the fields. Refer the list “PhotoType Enumerations” table mentioned in the KBA 2519210. As per that list, I used Photo Type ID as 1, which means it is for Live profile.

PhotoType%20field%20mappingPhototype field mapping

Photo%20Type%20Enumerations%20from%20KBA%202519210Photo Type Enumerations from KBA 2519210


8. Associate the userId from entity navigation. Mapping Photo Name is optional.

9. To get the photo Binary, upload the static image in any Image to Base64 converter tool. For example, I uploaded the image of Temporary Staff in one of the free tools available online and copied the resulting Base64 string. This base64 string is quite lengthy one, use “Control+A” to select all.

Upload%20image%20to%20get%20the%20photo%20Binary%20%28Base64%20string%29Upload image to get the photo Binary (Base64 string)


10. Above copied base64 string to be mapped to photo binary field. This can be added as default value or as calculated. If different photos to be updated for different employee class, we can do this using “IfThenElse” condition. 


11. For the above photo binary field, change the Data type as String. This would be empty (binary) by default.

One important point to remember here is, whenever we edit this integration, data type of this field defaults back to binary, this needs to be set back as a string field, else integration will not work.

Select%20Data%20type%20as%20StringSelect Data type as String.


12. Apply the filter to get the target population in scope. For example, employee class Agency/Temp (external code D) is selected here to get only the temporary staff


13. Save the Integration. In the Review and Run page, there is an option to navigate back to Intelligent Services Center. Click on it to navigate to ISC


14. Integration is now listed in Intelligent Services Center. Chose and add this integration.


15. Change the TIMING of the Integration to When event is published. 


16. Click on the arrow > Add Rule > New Rule.


17. Add the rule. This is to add the event reason which should trigger this integration. Here, it is New Hire. If this rule already existing, it can be used here without creating new one.


18. Save this Flow, this is shown on top right side.


19. Once hiring is completed, hire event in Intelligent Services Center triggers the integration and profile photo gets uploaded.


Through this blog, I’ve outlined all the essential steps to use Intelligent Services Center (ISC) to upload Static image/photo for a particular employee class. Your thoughts and feedback on this are highly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment below to share your insights and suggestions.

Many Thanks!

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