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Reverse the Bits from billing document in Convergent Invoicing(CI)

Introduction Bits can be excepted from invoicing and billing document, its bits are excepted again they can be restored back to billable state, In case we don’t want to reprocess the bits again and don’t let system to restore then we need to reverse the bits. If the bits are reversed they can’t be restored to billable state


Difference between bit exception and reversal

Bits excepted can be transferred again to billable state and then invoiced

Whereas bits reversed can’t be changed to billable state.


How to Reverse bits from billing document

While revering the billing document, system provide option to enter the reversal reason.

Using reversal reason we can either reverse the billing document alone or  reverse the billing document and reverse the bits as well



Step1 : Define reversal reason.

Enter the reversal reason code for billing document FICAIMG > Billing  > Billing Documents  > Reversal of billing documents > Define reasons for Reversal of Billing Documents

Step2: Assign the Exception reason to reversal reason.

FICAIMG > Billing  > Billing Documents  > Reversal of billing documents > Make Specifications for Reversal Reason

Reversal reason created in step 1 need to be assigned to Exception/reversal Reason


While reversing the billing document if the reversal reason selected has exception/reversal reason assigned, then along with billing document system will reverse the bits.



Conclusion : This blog explains the configuration steps to reverse the bits from billing document.


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      Author's profile photo Faisal PC
      Faisal PC

      What do you mean by reversing a bit?. Is it the reversal of billing and invoicing?. What will be status of the BITs once reversed?. It has to be in billable status. Right?.

      Author's profile photo Nayab Rasool
      Nayab Rasool
      Blog Post Author

      Bit reversal should be done when it should not be used for further processing.
      Its a bit reversal
      Status will be billable excepted