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Execute ODATA POST Call in SAP Build Apps

Overview:- SAP Build apps enables quick application development which will reduce our coding dependence and give result oriented comprehensive user experience.


In this blog you will learn how to post data from SAP Build Apps web application to S/4 HANA System.

Business Scenario:- Design a SAP build app which will post data to SAP S/4 HANA Z Table using OADAT POST Call.

Create an ODATA with Create Entity Method and Create a Custom Z Table.

Now Create a new SAP Builds app


Click on create button

Click on Build an Application


SAP Build an application

Click on Web & Mobile Application


Web and Mobile Application

Give the Project Name and Description

Create an application

Build apps UI Canvas


Build apps UI Canvas

Now Its time to create a Destination in SAP BTP cockpit under Connectivity, give all the required details as given in below screen shot’s and add the additional properties. In the URL give your ODATA URI and click on Save button then do the connection test.


Create Destination

Connection test


Connection Test

Go to SAP build app Auth tab and click on Enable Authentication


Auth Tab in UI Canvas

Click on SAP BTP authentication


BTP authentication

Click on Save button


Click on Data Tab and click on Add Integration button


Data Tab

Click on BTP Destination


BTP Destination

Select your created destination which has been created in destination under Connectivity in BTP cockpit


Select created Destination

Click on Install Integration


Install Integration

Click on Data Entity


Enable Data Entity

Enabled Data Entity and Save


Enabled Data Entity

Open UI Canvas and Click on green arrow for switch to Variable mode


UI Canvas

In the variable mode here we can define App and Data variable


Variable mode

Click on App variable as MATNR , MAKTX , I have only 2 fields in my ODATA & Custom Table.


Creation id App variable

Click on Data variable + sign and select the Data entity


Data Variable

Select the Data entity


Select Data Entity

Added Data variable and click on Save


Added data variable

Switch to view mode from variable mode


Switch to view mode

In UI Canvas drag and drop the fields


Drag and drop fields

Give Screen fields name as per your requirement


Screen fields name

Assign screen fields with App variable, select the fields and click on value icon

Assignment of app variable

After clicked on Value below popup will open, Select the Data and Variable


Data and Variable

click on App variable


App Variable

Select the App variable and click on Save , Please do the same activity to assign app variable for MAKTX fields and save.


Bind field with MATNR

MATKX assignment with App variable


MAKTX assign with App variable

Select the button and click on Show Logic for BUTTON 1


Select the button

On the bottom of screen button logic will be open


Button Logic window

as per our requirement, We need to perform the create operation so here in logic window drag and drop create record tool to logic canvas as shown below


After Dragged the Create record

Select item for drag and drop

Now its time to mapping so here you need to map button even to create record just drag the cursor from component tap to Create record ad shown below in yellow color and click on save



Assign App variables with Data entity


Assign fields with App variable

Click on Formula



Map the Entity fields with App variable and Save

code -{Matnr: appVars.MATNR, Maktx: appVars.MAKTX}

Mapping of variables

Drag and drop the toast for user confirmation popup after data saved and right side you can give any custom message

Now its time to run the App


Launch the app

And then click on Preview on Web button select the App

Select the App

Preview of App


App Preview

Before enter the data , Showing S/4 Custom table entry


Table entry

Now its time to fill data on the Build apps and click on Save button


Saving Data to S4 System

Now its time to check table in the S/4 system


Table entry


This blog can help you to understand how SAP Build Apps perform any ODATA call for POST Method.

Since I am also new to writing blogs, Need Expert suggestions & feedbacks are much appreciated.

If you like this blog post you can follow me for more blogs I will try to make in coming future specifically related to SAP BTP Technologies & SAP Build Apps.


Thank You,

Dinesh Kumar

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      Author's profile photo Manish Kumar
      Manish Kumar

      It's very informatic blog about sap build app. it would help a lot in odata with build app development!

      Author's profile photo Dinesh Kumar
      Dinesh Kumar
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Manish Kumar

      Author's profile photo Pavan Golesar
      Pavan Golesar

      Great Stuff. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up.


      Pavan Golesar

      Author's profile photo Dinesh Kumar
      Dinesh Kumar
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot Pavan Golesar

      Author's profile photo Hans Raj
      Hans Raj

      Hi Dinesh Kumar

      Great, Thanks again for published very useful blog post.

      it's a very brief technical understanding on SAP Build apps for ODATA POST call.

      Thanks for sharing real time knowledge and keep it up the good post.


      Hans Raj

      Author's profile photo Dinesh Kumar
      Dinesh Kumar
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Hans Raj for your precious words.

      Author's profile photo Vikas Gupta
      Vikas Gupta

      Hi Dinesh,,


      Our project needed an in-depth understanding about SAP Build apps with respect to ODATA POST Call, I have shared this blog with our team. I am sure it will tremendously help the team moving forward.

      Thanks for the blog, keep on adding such informative content. It helps alot of projects in the real time.

      another FACT, any googling with the keywords like ODATA, POST or SAP Build app are only reverting with this blog, so this manifest how rare the general information is available on this topic

      Kudos Mr Dinesh, keep doing the great work





      Author's profile photo Dinesh Kumar
      Dinesh Kumar
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Vikas

      Author's profile photo naga bhavani prasada reddy Jujjuri
      naga bhavani prasada reddy Jujjuri

      Hi Dinesh Kumar

      Great, thanks for published very useful blog post.

      Here you pass the single record like one MATNR & MAKTX  ,In our requirement we have to pass multiple records at a time  is it possible in these BUILD APPS ? ,If  possible please provide a small demo for it .