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Open Sourcing CAP – how to learn more or get involved

Are you interested in learning more about the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), a Software Development Kit (SDK) for building enterprise-level applications? CAP, designed for creating cloud applications with Node.js or Java, offers best practices and turnkey solutions for enterprise challenges. Watch the recording of our webinar from October 18th with key members of the CAP team. You can hear about features and functions but also about CAP’s open-source journey, which officially began at TechEd last year. In this webinar recording you will get a behind-the-scenes look at CAP’s transition to open source and highlights two transformative projects:

  1. Postgres Database Service: A next-gen Node.js database layer. (GitHub)
  2. Feature Toggle Library: Empowering Node.js apps with real-time, updatable feature toggles via Redis.

reCAP Conference

Another fantastic source of information consists of the recordings of keynotes, breakout sessions, presentations, and demos from reCAP 2023. This hybrid developer conference took place in St. Leon Rot in July, featuring over 50 sessions. It was not only enriching in terms of content but also a delightful experience with positive vibes and meaningful personal encounters. Feel free to explore the following links to delve deeper.



CAP Podcast

Besides, the SAP Open Source Program Office published a podcast episode in February with two key stakeholders of CAP: Christian Georgi and Daniel Hutzel shared insights about how CAP is gradually being open-sourced so that it can evolve with the help of its community and share how the CAP team has engaged with the community so far and how this motivated them to open source it.


Open Source Roadmap

In a nutshell, the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (aka CAP) continues its Open Source strategy: The sample apps, Node.js GraphQL adapter are open source for a while. The CAP community released the MTX tool (a CLI tool to reduce operational overhead for Cloud Foundry SaaS applications) and the well-known Node.js OData V2 adapter in the recent months as Open Source components.

The next wave of open source components have been:

  • Complete new js DB layer: a generic pluggable DB layer and specific implementations for SQLite and PostgeSQL. It also includes an additional generic SQL DB layer.
  • CDS Typer: Generates .ts files for a CDS model to receive code completion in VS Code.
  • CDS Cucumber: New library to write behavior-driven tests for CAP apps and SAP Fiori Elements. It contains ready-to-use steps that help developers write tests in a BDD style (based on the cucumber framework).
  • Change Tracking component that enables a change history for data based on CDS models.
  • Feature Toggle Library which enables Node.js CAP apps to maintain live-updatable feature toggles via Redis.
  • CAP documentation recently got a new design with lots of new features. In addition the documentation will be open sourced to enable contributions from customers and partners.


Additional modules are planned to be open sourced in H2/2023:

  • Common Content Package (ISO based content for countries, currencies, languages).
  • First beta version of a Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB adapter for CAP.

Further information:

SAP Open Source Webinars / Replays

SAP Open Source Podcasts

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