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Holistic Reporting of Sustainability performance Using SAP Sustainability Control Tower

Welcome to my 2nd blog as promised .This blog post is on holistic reporting of sustainability performance! In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating sustainability into their operations

In this series I will publish blog on following products,


SAP Sustainability Control Tower is a powerful tool that helps organizations streamline their sustainability reporting processes. It provides organizations to track there sustainability performance across there cororate footprint along with it provide more meaningful experience to there sustainability lens .SAP sustainability control tower have a very user-friendly interface. In this article, we will explore the concept of holistic reporting, its significance for organizations, and practical steps .



SAP Provided Standard KPI

To operationise the SAP control tower journey as a organization it need

1. Linit the scope of organization for measuring the sustainability performance.  This limit is provided via configuration.


The configuration process for SAP Sustainability Control Tower is highly flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs .This ensures that all relevant information is captured accurately and efficiently.

Below measures need to be configured priority upload of any dimension data .

  1. General Master Data
  2. People Data
  3. Planet Data
  4. Prosperity Data
  5. Organization Data

Importance of different Master Data Configuration

Reporting of the KPI:

The control tower generates detailed reports that cover a wide range of sustainability dimensions such as carbon emissions, water usage, waste management, social impact, and more. These reports provide valuable insights into an organization’s overall sustainability performance over time.

This reports are results of the data which are collected across-the-board from different sources which forms the basis of the measures .This measures are uploaded against the dimension which is configured in the step 1

SAP SCT have being structured to report based on the following criteria >> Record — Report — Act


Record :

In SAP SCT to report on the KPI we need to record the data which should follow the below steps:

  1. Identify the KPI’s to the reported
  2. Determine the data model to store the data (This is required only if the KPI to be reported is Custom and the SAP provided KPI data model can’t fulfil the requirement)
  3. Identify the Source Application
  4. Determine the Data Object
  5. Extract the Data from the Source Application
  6. Stage the Data in the Datawarehouse ( SAP recommendation is SAP DS)
  7. Enrich the Data with more insight from data from other Application .
  8. Using the API upload the data into SAP SCT Data Model ( in the standard Data Model if Standard SAP SCT KPI’s are to reported or into the custom Data Model created in SAP SCT)
  9. Perform Validation and Consistency Check
  10. Uploading the Target would be last step.

Note: Functionality of the enhancing the SAP SCT with custom KPI’s and building new Data model’s for new dimension’s is part of Q4 2023 release pack



SAP SCT DATA Recording Enrichment Steps

Here are 2 High level architecture of scenario’s which could be possible while we are recording the data

Scenario 1

Scenario 2


SAP SCT have provided in total 42 KPI which are categorized under.

  1. Environmental
  2. Economic
  3. Social
  4. Governance.


Based on the comparison based of the Actual i.e. the Transactional Data captured from different system and the target data uploaded i.e the Ambition to be reached .We are acting to get us on track if we are not or continuing on the track we are .

Showing are we on Track to achieve or off track



Insightful reports tailored to stakeholders’ needs is the biggest benefitof SAP SustainabilityControlTower. . Its flexibility in configuration allows organizations to capture relevant data accurately from diverse sources. The platform also provides CsRD,GRI ,TCFD relevant information in the form of the KPI streamling the reporting to such organizations.

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