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Calibration Maintenance Order PM/QM

This scenario describes how to process your test or measurement equipment in calibration inspection. The Objective of a calibration inspection is to determine whether each piece of equipment specified in the maintenance order meets the predefined performance specifications.

  • Inspect the equipment specified in a maintenance order
  • Record inspection results for each piece of equipment
  • Valuate each piece of equipment
  • Make the usage decision for the inspection lot

Step 1: Creation of Equipment (Q) :

For the above process, first thing need to specify a equipment with category Q,

In the above mentioned picture one can able to see the categories of an equipment select Q , and remaining things are alike as creating a normal Machines equipment.


Step 2 : Creation of Equipment task list :

Create a Equipment task list in IA01 

Here you should mention the QM data inspection points as 300., after that you need to specify the job work.

After mentioning the operation in the operation tab, you need to select the line item and click Inspection characteristics


In the above picture mention the Master inspection characteristics and as well as the sampling procedure.

Step 3 : Create a Maintenance Plan: (IP01)

Once completed the equipment task lists assigned for the equipment , On the next step we need to create a maintenance plan for that created task list.

On the next step, Create the Maintenance plan in IP01 and give appropriate entries


Save the Maintenance Plan

Step 4 : Schedule the Maintenance plan: (IP10)

Once you created the Maintenance plan, On the next step you have to schedule the maintenance plan

Select the first line item, release the plan date and save.

Again come back to scheduling, click the first line item, Click the binocular symbol to view the created Order with inspection lot.

After we can see the inspection lot number in the highlighted area

The inspection lot number was generated.

Step 5 : Worklist for Inspection lot – (QA32)

Go to QA32, for generated inspection number need to complete the results recording

Give the equipment that needs to be valid

Give the result value , Once the result range between the lower limit and the upper limit , the result looks like it is OK.

Once completed the Results recording moving forward to Usage decision

For UD choose , Either can be used (A), Adjustment required(R1) or cannot be used(R2) choose any one for the based on the results recording.

Selected A as can be used



Once completed the above mentioned steps, If you refresh the QA32, the Inspection lot number entity disappear


For the respective maintenance order, the results recording and the usage decision was done ,Now We can Technically complete the Calibration maintenance order as like other maintenance orders.









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      Good post, Appreciate this....

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      sri ram
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      Hey Vivek !! Thanks for your valuable comment.