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DMS-Document Management System for Inspection lot in SAP S/4 Hana

Hello SAP world,


  • In our blog, we will cover the steps required to perform Create and Store a Documents in Document management System in SAP S/4 Hana.

Document management System:

  • SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS)is a sophisticated application created to store and manage documents and digital assets . Small and medium businesses and organizations can use this module. It assists businesses in managing and storing files in different formats (PDF, Word, Excel), controlling the lifecycle of documents, controlling access to documents, and offering robust document search and navigation features.

Business Uses of SAP DMS:

  • Business work distribution– Keep all of your business documentation in one location that is simple for users to access depending on their positions in the company.
  • Virtual Copies– With SAP DMS, you are able to make and keep a virtual copy of any document type you need.
  • Change and version management– It changes with versions and revisions to effectively track and manage change.
  • Easy search– With the system’s advanced document search capabilities, you just need a few key words to locate a necessary document.
  • Security– SAP DMS comes with all the tools required to protect your documentation.
  • Digital Signature– This feature makes sure that approval procedures may be maintained consistently.


Step By step process flow:


Tile Name – Create Document


  • Click on this tile to create document for Inspection lot.


Create Document -Initial Screen

  • Create Document Internal or External Data. Then click the Enter Button.


Basic data quality documents

  • Under Document Data Tab, enter the Description of the Document.


Basic Data quantity documents

  • Click on (Open Original icon) to attach pdf file.


File Upload

  • First we need to feed the Log text and click the “Tick” option.


Browse File from the System.

  • Browse the required file from the location and click “Open” Button.

  • Here You can attach as many documents as you want. After that, Click on “Check in original” icon.


Document Storage location

  • In this screen, Define the Storage category for DMS, always select the DMS-default storage (main files).
  • Once selecting the storage category click the tick option.

  • Here we can see the Attached file like pdf,word,excel etc..


Object Links

  • Then move to the “Object links” tab. Object links is used for linking the document to various SAP transactions like Contract, PO, production order, inspection lot, WBS Element, Equipment, Functional Location etc.
  • In our case we link the QM document-Inspection lot.


Inspection lot number


  • In this screen, select the Inspection lot number you want.

  • Then Click the Save button.


Insp.lot Document created

  • Now The Document has been created Successfully.



Tile name-Change Document

  • Now go to the Change document tile.


Change Document

  • Enter the Document which is created and click “Enter” button.

Document Data

  • In document data tab, Click on the document status option.
  • Now the document status will be changed to released.


Release Document.

  • Now select the Status text to released and click Ok button.


Document Status

  • Here the document status will be changed to released and click the Save button.


Display Inspection lot

  • Now go to the Display inspection tile, enter the insp.lot number which is linked with document and click execute button.

Inspection%20lot%20links%20with%20documentInspection lot links with document

  • Now the system will move to this screen, verify the details once and click the document button.
  • In this screen, We can see the document which is attached.


we have covered the steps required to perform Create and linked the document  of the inspection lot by Document management system  in SAP S/4 Hana.


I thank everyone who reads this blog.
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Thanks & Regards,

Veera Manikandan

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud PP-QM Consultant.



For more details on Document management system, observe the below links.





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      Author's profile photo Marcel Schifferle
      Marcel Schifferle

      Dear Veera Manikandan Sudalaimuthu,

      as is see this is an classic SAP GUI solution.

      What is the solution from SAP for your customers in a S4/HANA puplic or private cloud, where the UI, accoring to SAP, is (puplic cloud) or shoulf pe (private) NOT SAP GUI, but Fiori ?

      This questions rises, because SAP want to move the customers in the cloud, and classic SAP GUIs are not an option for the future.

      Thanks for your responce

      Marcel Schifferle