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Next steps for SAP Enable Now towards Artificial Intelligence usage

It’s a hype that is becoming reality very quickly and many customers are asking us – what is SAP Enable Now doing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Most digital adoption solutions and content creation tools are heading in the same direction of implementing gen AI to

  • reduce authoring efforts,
  • increase content acceptance, and
  • improve content accessibility.

We are already in the process of making all of this happen for SAP Enable Now. This blog will cover the details of what has already happened and what is coming. There are three main topics or directions that SAP Enable Now is looking into plus quite a few additional smaller areas where we see great opportunity for improvement.

Content development driven by Generative AI 

Use case: Enable authors to automatically generate course and process introductions, text summaries, rephrase text paragraphs, create keywords for search, improve text quality, and generate royalty-free images.

Benefit: This will significantly increase content productivity while saving resources and improving content quality.

SAP Enable Now is currently running a PoC and is planning to include it in one of the next releases.

AI-Based In-App Application Context Recognition

Use case: Detect the In-App context (application, transaction, step, screen-element) in which a user wants to have help automatically to deliver best-fit enablement content.

Benefit: Personalize the content experience and increase productivity of the workforce by providing even better fit-to-purpose content quality.

SAP Enable Now is in ideation phase here.

Intelligent access to information

Intelligent access to information means using conversational AI in the guise of a natural language model behind a search field, for example in SAP Companion.


Intelligent Access to Information in SAP Companion

Use case: Enable business users to access information through conversational AI, providing direct answers to questions and suitable assets from multiple data sources.

Benefit: This will simplify knowledge access through conversational AI and enhance adoption by providing access to all relevant data from many different sources.

Further developments in progress

In addition to these three main use cases we have further things in place and planned:

  • Machine translation for content developers (free of charge for cloud edition customers) to automatically translate text into the respective language (powered by SAP Translation Hub). Status: Productized & shipped (2022)
  • User-led machine translation (free of charge for cloud edition customers) which allows business users to translate adoption content in real-time to remove the language barrier while saving translation costs. Status: Productized & shipped (2022)
  • Allow customers to integrate their own (AI) solutions as widgets (API based) into SAP Companion. This could be automation tools, business process integrations, surveys, etc. Status: Planned


  • Along with the “any content” approach, SAP Enable Now will allow direct synchronization with (AI) based tools to automatically deliver this content based on a business users context. Status: Ongoing & planned
  • In addition, along with the SAP Enable Now & Cloud ALM integration we will provide further use cases (not directly related to AI but automation) as e.g. (Status: planned)
    1. Customers will be able to automatically deliver any scope based enablement material automatically with SAP Companion in the context of need (auto-contextualization)
    2. Business user will have access to the respective SAP Signavio Business Process Model in real-time via process mapping from within SAP Companion
    3. Process mining data from SAP Signavio can be used within SAP Enable Now to target specific low-performing process steps with in-app enablement

The whole of SAP is buzzing with excitement over the new possibilities provided not just by generative AI but by all the accompanying solutions as well. SAP Enable Now has already started to utilize and plan as well as develop in synchronization with many other teams within SAP to deliver the best of what AI can offer to make digital transformation journey of our customers a success. To also stay flexible, the integrations we build, for example for widgets, will be kept generic enough so that customers can have their choice of vendor where applicable.

This is definitely an exciting time for all of us and we’re looking ahead into the future with confidence that SAP Enable Now will showcase some great AI use cases very soon.

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      Author's profile photo Waldemar Koch
      Waldemar Koch

      Hello Kristina,
      please don't forget also the integration of Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech 😉

      Author's profile photo Mani Rathnam
      Mani Rathnam

      "SEN powered with AI" is a gamechanger and surely will increase the productivity.