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Implico at ADIPEC 2023: Collaborative Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future


Greetings SAP Community,

As we approach ADIPEC 2023, we are keen to foster a dialogue with you about the sustainable strides being made in the energy sector. At Implico, we pride ourselves on our close and longstanding partnership with SAP, a collaboration that has been instrumental in shaping groundbreaking developments in the energy sector. Here’s a brief overview of the solutions we are working on:

SAP S/4HANA SDM: This tool offers a cohesive approach to the trade and transport of liquids and half-solids, integrating seamlessly with the SAP system to streamline processes from demand forecasting to invoicing, thereby facilitating smoother operations in hydrocarbon product trading.

SAP S/4HANA RFNO: A dedicated solution for managing service station networks, it caters to various service station types, offering functionalities like wet goods management and loyalty card management, aiming to enhance the fuel retail experience.

OpenTAS: A comprehensive solution for modern terminal management, it provides a detailed overview of inventories and movements, aiding in operational excellence and contributing to the reduction of the CO2 footprint of truck tours.

Supply Chain United (SCU): Our new global industry platform for all logistics and commercial processes in the supply chain of energy and natural resources. It is our contribution to meeting future demands and an initiative to foster an eco-friendlier approach to logistics and commercial operations in the energy sector. SCU serves as an umbrella for our core solutions, encouraging sustainable business processes.

We believe these solutions can play a significant role in the industry’s transition to greener practices. We are eager to hear your insights and perspectives on these developments.

Better Together: Inviting Developers to Co-create the Future of Energy

As we introduce the Supply Chain United (SCU), our role evolves from solution providers to innovation enablers in the industry. We invite software developers to create best-of-breed solutions on this collaborative platform. Our focus is to facilitate direct access to the world’s finest innovations, transcending our own developments. Join us in setting new industry standards together.

See you at ADIPEC 2023

We invite you to join us at SAP’s booth at ADIPEC 2023 to explore these solutions further and engage in enriching discussions with the community. Your input is invaluable, and we look forward to fostering collaborative dialogues around sustainable advancements in the energy sector.

Hope to connect with many of you at ADIPEC 2023!

Whether you’re envisioning a comprehensive strategy for data-driven business process management or targeting specific performance enhancements, Implico stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the energy sector. Leveraging our deep-rooted partnership with SAP, we are at the forefront of fostering sustainable advancements in Terminal Management, Secondary Distribution, and Fuels Retailing.

I’m Wolfram Wege, Global Marketing Director at Implico, where I channel my background in programming, sales, and marketing to foster innovation and expand our global reach. In a world reshaped by technology, I’m passionate about revisiting marketing fundamentals and leveraging the power of collaboration to navigate the challenges ahead. I invite you to join us in this journey of growth and synergy at ADIPEC 2023.

Let’s shape a sustainable future, together.

Feel free to reach out to me to learn more.

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