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Author's profile photo Andreas Thaler

Removal of Prometheus/Grafana-based monitoring in SAP BTP, Kyma runtime

I’m part of the team working on the Observability feature for SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, and in my previous blog post: Deprecation of Prometheus/Grafana based monitoring in SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, I announced the deprecation of the monitoring functionality based on Prometheus and Grafana. Today, I’d like to inform you about the imminent removal of the functionality with Kyma release 2.20 (planned for November 2023).


The removal of the integrated Prometheus/Grafana installation affects the following features:

  • You will lose access to Grafana and the ability to browse metrics for up to 30 days.
  • You will lose access to the Prometheus API and the ability to access metrics for up to 30 days.

Still, the following options will not be affected:


Kyma’s feature for storing and browsing metrics based on Prometheus and Grafana will be removed from the SAP BTP, Kyma runtime in version 2.20.

If you haven’t integrated your solution with an external monitoring system yet, this is the right time to start evaluating and implementing it: For example, integrate with a 3rd-party provider like Dynatrace, or implement a custom installation of Prometheus/Grafana.

Stay tuned for any upcoming SAP BTP, Kyma runtime blog posts and follow the related topic page.

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      Author's profile photo Sean Killeen
      Sean Killeen

      Hi Andreas,

      Is the log collection within the Kyma system still handled by Fluent Bit? Or is this now an OTel Collector as well?

      The diagrams in the initial announcement indicated that Fluent Bit was in place but this would be moved to an OTel collector eventually. I'm trying to understand the current state.

      I am comparatively new to OpenTelemetry within Kubernetes/Kyma, and I want to validate that the attached diagram is largely a valid future state for starting down a path today.


      A napkin-sketch future state diagram for observability within Kyma that I am trying to ensure is possible