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Unlocking Transformation Excellence with SAP Signavio Value Accelerators and SAP Signavio Process Explorer (August 2023 Release Updates)

Embarking on a successful business process transformation journey requires more than just technology – it necessitates a robust collection of comprehension, best practices, and expertise. The evolving landscape demands organizations to accelerate their processes, but often projects fall short of expectations. SAP Signavio understands this challenge and is introducing, next to a powerful tool-suite and methodologies, comprehensive value accelerators to revolutionize how business process transformation is approached.

We will explore how the newly expanded SAP Signavio Process Explorer is becoming a pivotal hub for business process transformation excellence allowing customers to access and browse the content of SAP Signavio Value Accelerators. From engaging with SAP partners’ contributions to gaining streamlined access to proven methodologies, this content is poised to help customers accelerate their business process transformation providing them with inspiration and a framework to start with.

Join us on this journey as we dive into the transformative capabilities of SAP Signavio Value Accelerators and SAP Signavio Process Explorer, highlighting their impact on project acceleration, knowledge sharing, and alignment with best practices. In this blog post, we will focus on the August 2023 release updates of content in SAP Signavio Process Explorer with ten substantial changes around Industries, SAP Reference Architecture, SAP Standard Content and more.

Abbreviations in use: RBA – Reference Business Architecture; RSA – Reference Solution Architecture; SSC – SAP Standard Content; BPMN – Business Process Model and Notation; APQC – American Productivity and Quality Center; PFC – Process Classification Framework.


  1. If available, all process elements in Value Chain diagrams (process / collapsed process shapes) are linked to corresponding dictionary entries.

New feature: Process shape linked to the dictionary

After requesting the feature of linking the process / collapsed process shape of the Value Chain notation, we are happy to announce that this feature was delivered, therefore diagram elements (like Business Activities from Reference Architecture) are now linked to the dictionary – adding the possibility to dive deeper into the content. In the example above (a Business Value Flow Diagram for “Invoice to Cash (generic)”) the Business Activity “Perform pre-invoicing of billing content” is linked with its corresponding entry in the dictionary for deeper content exploration.


  1. Reference Architecture (RBA and RSA) are now based on version 2303 and include the latest content for Automotive, Retail and Professional Services.

New and enriched content for the Automotive, Retail and Professional Services industries


New industry navigation for Capability Maps

The update to version 2303 brought a lot of visual changes, more process and capability diagrams (now up to 100 processes and 80 capabilities with thousands of diagrams) and first industry flavors for our Capability Maps – A lot more to explore!


  1. The Solution Process Model was added in the dictionary and diagrams.

In January 2023 we were able to publish the Solution Capability Model. Today we are happy to announce the release of the Solution Process Model of SAP and the corresponding links to solution diagrams. Therefore, we completed RSA as a domain in the Information Model.

If more help is needed to understand the Reference Architecture content of SAP, feel free to reach out or leverage this community. Furthermore, there is enablement material available in the product itself: Design Phase Enablement (see screenshot below).

Enablement material of the four published models of SAP’s Reference Architecture


  1. Revised RSA-diagrams now include Solution Capabilities.

Solution Capabilities in solution diagrams

More detailed exploration was asked for and we delivered it! In capability and process diagrams we now include Solution Capabilities, to understand in more detail how SAP solutions makes you more capable of achieving objectives and delivering value to customers. In the example above (a Cloud Solution Value Flow Diagram with Solution Capabilities for “Invoice to Cash (generic)”) the Solution Capability from SAP S/4HANA Cloud “Settlement Management (S/4 CLD)” is referenced to the corresponding Solution Activity “Manage financial settlements” and linked with the dictionary.


  1. Interrelated Solution Component Diagrams from SPX 1.0 were removed.

Since the maintenance of these diagrams was frozen and we could not update these on version 2303, we unfortunately needed to remove those diagrams due to consistency reasons. Nevertheless, corresponding information is still available in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. Stay tuned since we will join forces with the Business Accelerator Hub team – More information on future releases!


  1. Mapping of RSA Solution Capabilities to SAP S/4HANA Solution Process (aka Scope Items) in the Solution Capability Model (cross-industry solution diagrams in the “Capabilities” entry).

Mapping between Solution Capabilities and SAP S/4HANA Best Practices

We are happy to announce that we have worked on one of the most requested improvements: With this release we published the first links from the Solution Capability Model to SAP S/4HANA Best Practices. Meaning that when exploring cross-industry solution diagrams in the “Capabilities” entry, a link in the attributes will be displayed if there is a connection from the Solution Capability to an SAP S/4HANA Best Practice. In the example above (a Cloud Solution Component Diagram with Solution Capabilities for “Sourcing and Procurement”) the Solution Capability from SAP S/4HANA Cloud “Supplier Invoice Processing (S/4 CLD)” is referenced to the Related SAP S/4HANA Best Practices (e.g., “Automated Invoice Settlement (2LH)”; more than one link is possible).


  1. SAP Standard Content (SSC / former Model Company) diagrams were combined to ease the navigation.

Due to a navigation and diagram overload, we simplified the SSC Value Accelerator.


  1. SAP Standard Content Value Chain diagrams are linked to BPMN-diagrams (on the level of collapsed process shapes).

Mapping between process and scenario diagrams of SAP Standard Content

SAP Standard Content is finally more interlinked! With the release we provide a mapping from industry Value Chain diagrams (level of collapsed process shape) down to SSC Scenarios (BPMN-diagrams / SAP Best Practices). In the example above (a process diagram for “Deliver Products & Services” for the Chemicals industry) the Process Group “(DPS-70-10) Sales Management” is linked to corresponding BPMN-diagrams (e.g., “Samples Sales Order Processing”; more than one link is possible; be aware that the terminology differs from other areas – Future releases will bring the different domains and their terminology closer together).


  1. Business Activities from within Reference Architecture are linked to corresponding SAP Standard Content BPMN-diagrams.

Mapping between Business Activities and BPMN-diagrams

Not just the SAP Standard Content is mapped to BPMN-diagrams (Nr. 8), also dedicated Business Activities from RBA diagrams (especially for the three improved industries Automotive, Retail and Professional Services) link now to corresponding BPMN-diagrams (please note: Not every Business Activity has a corresponding diagram – Future releases will bring even more interconnectivity). In the example above (a Business Value Flow Diagram for “Plan to Optimize Fulfillment (retail)”) the Business Activity “Develop demand forecast” is linked to the corresponding BPMN-diagram “(SSC_CRR_12) Requirements Planning” (more than one link is possible).


  1. Partner value accelerators: APQC diagrams and dictionary were added and intertwined with Business Activities from RBA.

Mapping between Business Activities and PCF Process Elements

The functionality of importing the Process Classification Framework (PCF) diagrams from APQC into the SAP Signavio Process Manager is nothing new. We went one step further and transformed the PCF into our dictionary. Furthermore, with the new feature of linking the process shape to the dictionary, the link from Business Activities to the PCF is easier to consume. In the example above (a Business Value Flow Diagram for “Invoice to Pay (generic)”) the Business Activity “Process accounts payable (AP)” is referenced via another domain called “Business Activity Repository (BAR)” to the corresponding Process Element “Process accounts payable (AP)” (ID 10756) from the PCF.

With all those changes we were able to address important requests while more improvements will come in the next releases.


More general information is available on our website: SAP Signavio Value Accelerators. Please note: New content and improvements were released, especially for the SAP Product Portfolio and in other SAP Signavio solutions like Business Content in SAP Signavio Process Insights or SAP Signavio Process Intelligence Accelerators which we did not cover in this blog post. Furthermore, additional SAP Signavio August 2023 release updates can be found in this blog post: SAP Signavio August 2023 release.

If there is the interest not just to explore, but to consume the SAP Signavio Value Accelerators (in SAP for Me): SAP Note for Consuming Value Accelerators.

Find out how to use SAP Signavio within your daily business, set up your workspace, and learn some best practices by exploring SAP’s free learning content on SAP Signavio solutions. SAP Signavio is designed to empower you to actively engage in improving processes to drive efficiency and customer excellence. Check out even more role-based learning resources and opportunities to get certified in one place on SAP Learning site.

In a landscape of perpetual change, let us harness collective wisdom and accelerate towards a future where transformation knows no limits. If you would like to know more, access SAP Signavio Process Explorer right away (all you need is an SAP registered user) and start exploring SAP’s and our partners value accelerators.

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