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Budget Carry Forward

Hello Folk,

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I’m writing my first blog on Budget carry forward for Internal orders.

In today’s financial landscape, effective budget management is vital to organizational success. SAP offers robust tools for precise financial resource control. This blog explores a pivotal SAP feature: mass-level budget Carry forward for internal orders. Imagine a new fiscal year starting, prompting the transfer of budgets from prior internal orders to the next year. This process, budget carry forward, is more than numbers; it’s about consistency, accurate records, and informed decisions.


This blog will provide all the steps to carry forward budget for internal orders.


Before Carry forwarding Budget for the Internal order you should carry forward commitments to next fiscal year.


Step 1: Carryforward Commitments to next Fiscal Year:

To initiate the procedure, access your SAP system and direct yourself to the T-code KOCF. Through this transaction code, we can seamlessly carry forward any commitment values that remain open into the initial period of the upcoming fiscal year during the year-end closing process.

In the KOCF transaction screen, enter the necessary parameters for carrying forward commitment values:

  • Order – Enter Internal Order for which the commitments to be carry forwarded.
  • Carry forward from fiscal year – Enter fiscal year for which the carry forward is to be performed.
  • Click on Test run
  • Click on Details list


KOCF Transaction Screen

Click on Execute Button.

Once we click on execute button system will display open commitments No. of POs ad PRs for the selected fiscal year.

Go Back and Untick the Test Run button and click on Execute button.

You can use transaction code S_ALR_87013019 to check the commitment being forwarded from year 2022 to year 2023.


Step 2: Budget Carry Forward for Internal Orders in Mass

To Carry forward Budget for Internal Order go to transaction code- KOCO

In the KOCO transaction screen, enter the necessary parameters for carry forward Budget for internal orders:

  • Selection variant
  • Fiscal year
  • Document Date
  • Test Run
  • Details List


KOCO Transaction Screen

Click on Execute button.


Once you click on execute button screen will display as shown in below screenshot.

Go Back and Untick Test Run button and click on Execute.


Step 3: Create Variant for List of Internal Orders

Now to Maintain a list of Internal orders for which you want to carry forward budget in the next fiscal year you can create a variant through transaction code- OKOV.

In the OKOV transaction screen, enter the necessary parameters to create Variant:

  1. Variant – Give a Variant name
  2. Click on Create

Once you click on create new screen will display as shown in below screenshot.

  1. Enter Order
  2. Enter Controlling Area
  3. Enter Company Code
  4. Click on Attributes

On this screen enter Description for newly created Variant and click on Save.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you find it informative, please like and share this blog.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this blog let me know in the comment section.

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