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Work Package card and Work Package distribution Card


This blog is part of the blogs series for the new “New Solution Readiness Dashboard” delivered as part of Focused Build SP12 delivery. This blog focuses on the below two cards:

  • Work Package Card
  • Work Package Distribution Card


Please go through the following blogs:

Initial Set up and Pre-requisites

What is Solution Readiness Dashboard and Brief Overview on Cards

Both the cards that are explained below provides all the common features explained in blog Requirement card

Work Package card

This card provides an overview of the work packages in different statuses for the selected project.  Based on the filter selection, the card is filtered and displays only the related work packages 


Work Package Card

Scope Changes: On the header section of the card, data point ‘Scope Changes’ indicates the percentage of Work Packages that are Scope Changes from the total number if Work Packages in the selected project. 

In the content area of the card, we can see different status groups which is pre-delivered and can be customised. (Refer Blog). The card shows the status group as the measure (X-axis) and the count of work packages as the Dimension (Y-axis). Each bar represents a status group and when we hover on the bar, we can see the name of the Status group as well as the count. The sequence of the status group in the graph can adjusted from the status group customizing. 

On clicking the header section of the card, it navigates to the details page where we can further visualize each of the bars and see the work packages based on different other measures as well. 

Detail Page for Work package 

By Default, the details page shows the work package count as the measure and the status of the work package as the Dimension. The filters from overview page are carried forward to the detail pages. 


Detail Page for the Work package card

But this can be changed to any other dimensions provide in the settings for example we can change it to View by status group to match with the Work package card graph. This way the graph can be adjusted. 


Changing the default settings

The status groups can be customized and is explained as part of the pre-requisite blog above. 

There are certain additional filters that are provided for the ease of analysis, here we have Scope change filter as well, which will allow us to filter and display only the scope change work packages. 


Additional Filters

Work Package Distribution Card

We have another card related to work packages. This card shows the work packages categorised based on different Dimensions namely, project, multi-level categorization or waves 

By default, the card shows the project view but if a user changes to any other options from the drop down it is persisted for the user when revisiting the application. 

By Project  

When the selected option is Project, the card shows the graph work packages in different status. In the filter bar if only Main project is selected, it shows all the related projects where work packages are created. But if it is further filtered by build project, then we can only see the work packages created as part of selected Build project.


Work packages By Project

By Wave

When the selected option is Wave, it shows the work packages in different status against the wave to which the work packages are linked. And here also based on the filters applied, the graph displays specific waves. 


Work Packages By Wave

By Category

The category option shows the work packages against the multi-level category where the work package is linked. 


Work Packages By Category

The colours of the status groups here are matching with that of the Work package card. 

Detail Page for Work package Distribution card 

On clicking the header selection of the card, it navigates to the details page built based on Fiori Application List Page. By default, it shows the graph as a Stacked bar chart with Work package count as measure and project and status as dimensions. If we want to change this to any other chart, we can do it from setting like Work package card. Also, if we want to analyse this based on a new dimension, it is possible using the view by options in the chart view. 


Detail Page for Work Package Distribution card

In the Table selection of the detail page, we can also see the relation of the work package with work item and defect correction. There can be multiple lines for the same work package showing different work items or defect correction linked to the work package when these columns are selected to be displayed in the table. 


Related Work Items and Defect corrections

Both the details pages are built based on SAP Fiori Application List Page providing many features like Variant management, save as tile, changing the dimensions and measures, different chart types to select etc. Also, these cards allow us to navigate to MCA and the My Work Packages Application 

Please feel free to provide feedback either directly here in the comment section or, in case of questions, you can submit them here. You are also encouraged to follow SAP Solution Manager tag here and Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager tag here. 

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