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Four New Tools and Initiatives Help SAP Partners Deliver More Value to Customers

Partners can highlight their expertise, work more efficiently with SAP, and boost their capabilities to attract and retain customers.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” That quote could be the foundation for a practice we follow at SAP to “Listen, Understand, and Act.”

Rather than guessing what our customers might need, we ask. We do the same with partners. And of course, we always ask ourselves, “How can SAP do better?”


Midmarket: “We want Cloud ERP but need simplicity and predictable costs”

Midmarket customers, the striving companies that can grow to become some of the most successful in the world, understand the value of moving to the cloud and are eager to start, but they have different considerations than large-scale enterprises.

In 2021, we launched RISE with SAP to help large enterprises move to the cloud. After we saw its success, we began developing a similar offering for midsize customers. GROW with SAP gives midmarket businesses a cost-effective cloud ERP that’s simple and has the predictable costs they desire.

To support partners in delivering GROW with SAP, we are investing in market awareness so that when partners approach prospects and customers, they’ll already know about the value GROW with SAP brings. We also share success stories that partners can use when talking to potential customers. And we help partners package their expertise, making them more attractive to customers.

As customers see the value of GROW with SAP, we need to be sure they can find the best SAP partners to move their ERP systems to the cloud. Partners that meet SAP eligibility criteria can highlight their expertise with a GROW with SAP partner designation.

These partners also enjoy increased market awareness as the designation is highlighted in their SAP Partner Finder profile. And they benefit from higher access to select educational and pipeline-generation programs specific to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition. In addition, they get access to SAP partner marketing executives who can help them build strong marketing campaigns.


SAP: “Create a better way to work with partners to serve customers.”

If the GROW with SAP designation opens doors, the Customer Adoption Program for Partners lets us walk through the door – partners and SAP side-by-side.

Partners and SAP share one goal: Make sure customers reap the maximum value from their software investment. That seems obvious, but not so long ago “the sale” was considered the win, after which customers sometimes felt they were on their own. Without guidance, customers might not experience the full value of the solution. When renewal time came around, some said, “No thanks.”

The Customer Adoption Program for Partners reinforces best practices and the value of maintaining a clean core, while fostering collaboration between SAP and our largest partners to support the successful delivery of large, complex, partner-led projects.

Working together with partners, we jointly engage with the customer. To achieve the desired outcome, we establish clear roles and responsibilities, communicate clearly throughout the process, set expectations, and identify and manage risks early.

Why this program? And why now?

We believe cloud is different and requires an approach of continuous engagement, and the best way to do that is through close collaboration of customers, partners, and SAP. The ONE TEAM approach.


Customers: “We need a holistic view of SAP and partner solutions.”

The SAP solution portfolio is massive, comprised of SAP technology and partner-built applications. For some customers, finding the right combination of solutions can be challenging when faced with so many options.

SAP Solution Scout, our new self-service customer tool, lets partners and SAP present a total view into the industry solutions customers need. This platform gives customers a clear view of how SAP and strategic partner solutions can jointly deliver the full package customers need.

Let’s take “cargo, transportation, and logistics” as a sample industry. SAP Solution Scout will show the available tools to run that business end-to-end, from human resources and finance to operations and asset management.

Because SAP Solution Scout is a self-service tool, customers enjoy these advantages:

  • Convenience
    Customers engage whenever it suits them.
  • Efficiency
    Customers find solutions quickly without waiting for assistance.
  • Learning
    Customers find products and services they may not have considered.

SAP Solution Scout is available as an internal beta release for five front-runner industries, with more industries and the expected public launch in H2 2023.


Partners: “Help us train and upskill our employees.”

According to ManpowerGroup, 77% of companies in 2023 reported a talent shortage. The rapid pace of digital transformation, including the accelerated move to the cloud, demands a properly educated workforce.

SAP wants to prepare learners to find the right education to equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the cloud era. The new SAP Learning platform simplifies access to our resources in one place and supports role-based and cloud-first skill development.

Topping the list of hot subjects are training for SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition. Both tools are critical in supporting customers’ move to the cloud. Low-code/no-code training for non-technical learners is also popular. And many courses prepare partners for SAP certifications.

According to a Pearson VUE study, 79% of people who complete IT certifications received or anticipated a pay increase, and 92% saw an increase in confidence in their abilities.

Training that leads to certification is of particular value, according to the Pearson VUE study:

  • 81% of certified professionals produce higher quality work
  • 72% are more efficient and productive
  • 77% are better able to innovate

“SAP certification enables me to stay up to date with new releases so I can keep my skills current,” says Olga Pushchina, Senior Consultant, Deloitte. “This helps me discover wonderful new features to implement for my clients.”

The type of learning resources available with SAP Learning runs the gamut. Users will find self-paced courses, videos, expert-led live sessions, hands-on practice, and more.

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      Author's profile photo Bruce Hillier
      Bruce Hillier

      Great compilation of four awesome tools and initiatives, Brian, all tied together to achieve our customers' success, through our partners - well done and well said!