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Exposing On-Premise S/4 Apps to SAP Build Work Zone: A Step-by-Step Guide


This blog post is your guide to seamlessly exposing Fiori apps from your on-premise system within the dynamic environment of SAP Build Work Zone, leveraging the power of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

SAP Build Work Zone:

SAP Build Work Zone enables business users to create and customize business sites intuitively. By providing secure, centralized access to SAP and non-SAP applications, processes, and data on various devices, it enhances productivity and engagement. The inclusion of interactive workspaces, guided experiences, and knowledge sharing further optimizes team efficiency.

Key capabilities:

  • Provide a central access to multiple cloud & on-premise systems
  • Flexible page builder Integrate custom apps and UI cards
  • Access multiple pages via navigation menu
  • Customizations and extensions (e.g. branding, translation, shell plug-ins, domains URL)


  • Access to S/4 Hana On-premise system
  • Active SAP Build Work Zone service within a SAP BTP subaccount


SAP Build work zone service in SAP BTP

  • Creating secured tunnel between your SAP BTP subaccount and on premise SAP system using cloud connector.SAP%20BTP%20subaccount%20connected%20to%20cloud%20connector
  • SAP system is connected to the cloud connector, allowing you to selectively expose backend resources.
  • Make sure your Cloud connector is connected to your SAP BTP Subaccount.Cloud%20connector%20connected%20to%20SAP%20BTP%20Subaccount

Lets Begin,

  1. Creating Destinations in SAP BTP:  Go to SAP BTP sub account where your application instance is running and select destination under connectivity and create destination as shown in the screenshot below.(Append the service details “/sap/bc/ui2/cdm3/entities” after including the virtual host and port details in the URL.)Design%20time%20destinationClone the above destination with additional properties as mentioned below and call this as runtime destination. Its recommended to use technical user with proper authorization. More information on Design time and runtime destination along with authorization details can be found here.
  2. Runtime%20destinationExposing Roles in the On-Premise System: Log in to your on-premise system and execute the transaction code /UI2/CDM3_EXP_SCOPE. Here, you can select and expose the roles that you intend to make accessible. Ensure that the applications within these roles are activated and organized within Groups/Spaces and Catalogs. Successfully%20exposed%20apps%20from%20Om-premise%20system
  3. Configuring SAP Build Work Zone: Now, go back to your SAP BTP account and launch SAP Build work zone Application.
  4. Once you are logged in, Go to Channel Manager to add the content provider details.Adding%20Content%20provider%20details
  5. Add the destination details which were created in BTP and create content provider
  6. Navigate to the Content Manager section and select the content explorer. Select the content channel you established in the previous step (SS4). Upon clicking this channel, you will witness the content exposed from your on-premise system in step 2. Select the roles associated with the content and proceed to add them.
  7. Role Assignment in BTP Subaccount: Once the above step is completed, Go back to BTP subaccount and roles added in the above step will be available in role collection of BTP to add for the user who will be consuming this content.Adding%20role%20collection%20in%20SAP%20BTP
  8. Configuring and Launching the Site: Navigate back to SAP Build work zone and create the site in site directory, once created, Go into the settings and select the option to edit. Access the assign items section and add the content, subsequently saving your configurations. Now, return to the site directory, where you can launch the site, granting access to the apps.
    Adding%20content%20to%20siteLaunching site as highlighted below
  9. And there you have it! With everything set up, you can now access the apps directly from your On-Premise system.Apps%20available%20to%20view%20in%20Build%20Work%20Zone


In Conclusion:

SAP Build Work Zone not only facilitates the consumption of Fiori apps but also serves as a conduit for connecting diverse SAP and non-SAP applications. This synergy creates a unified entry point for all applications, bolstering efficiency and collaboration across your organizational landscape. By following the outlined steps, you’re poised to harness the potential of SAP Build Work Zone in amalgamating your on-premise Fiori apps seamlessly.

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      Khrystyna KHOMYK


      I have exposed several roles and some of them are not visible at all when I launch the launchpad. The connection is up and working. What could be the reason for that? The ones that are visible throw internal server error. Thank you for help!