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Enhanced Error Handling within SAP Digital Manufacturing Production Processes


SAP Digital Manufacturing offers Error Codes, Error Catch and Error End capabilities in Design Production Process app to improve overall error handling capabilities.

Once an Error is properly catched via Error Catch control, Production Processes can end using Error End control and include an Error Code, which can be seen in Monitor Production Processes and Recover Production Processes apps for monitoring, debugging and retrying capabilities.

In this blog post, I will show you in detail how to implement and use SAP Digital Manufacturing ehanced Error Handling capabilities in Production Processes.


First, create a new Production Process Design and a new Cloud Process in Design Production Process app.

Then, create the following flow, including “ErrorCatch” and “Error End” controls:

Select ErrorCatch control and select the specific Errors you want to Catch, like for example Error 500 Internal Server Error:

Then, click on the three dots on the top right corner, and select Manage Error Codes:

Create any Error Codes that your Production Process might need to trigger, including Business Error Codes like:

Select ErrorEnd control and define the specific Error Code you want to return for this specific error case as follows:

In addition, enable the “Show Process in Recovery List”, define “Termination Mode” and “Parameter(s) Causing the Failure” parameters in case you want to send this Production Process to Recover Production Process app when it fails for retrying purposes.

Keep in mind that Recover Production Process apps will only show Production Processes executed Asynchronouslly.

Run this Production Process normally via PODs or Automatic Triggers, for example.

When this Production Process fails and the Error is properly catched by your Error Catch and therefore Error End is triggered, you should be able to see Error Code details in both Monitor Production Process and Recover Production Process apps.

Monitor Production Process

Note that status of failed Production Processes using Error End control is “Completed with Error”.

Click on any failed Process Instance to see the details.

Note that the pre-defined Error Code is shown in the End step.


Recover Production Process

Note that “Error Description” column shows your pre-defined Error Code message.

Click on any failed Process Instance to see the details.

From the top right corner, Process Instances can be Deleted, Retried, Changed before Retried or Shared by Mail.


SAP Digital Manufacturing Production Processes offers comprehensive Error Handling capabilities, including Error Codes, Error Catch and Error End controls. Failed Production Processes can not only be Monitored and Debugged, but also Recovered and Retried.


Do you like this post? Please let me know in the comments section what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Or, if you have any questions, please check SAP Community Q&A Area, or comment down below.


Manoel Costa

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      Author's profile photo Lukas Furmanek
      Lukas Furmanek

      To build on this very nice error handling block. If you want to handel different custom error codes from subprocesses or standard error codes of the services you are calling, you can add a condition after the error catch. The variable errorCode will describe have the code so you can do checks like this (here with a custom error code): 'errorCode' == "consumptionFailed"

      Author's profile photo Manoel Costa
      Manoel Costa
      Blog Post Author

      Good point, Lukas! Thanks for adding. 🙂