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Monitoring of sap systems through Azure_Part-2

Continuation of


Setting up Azure Monitors

Navigate to Azure Monitors for SAP Solutions


Source: Microsoft Azure

Click on New


Fill in all of the required information and click Next.

We can add providers later, so click Next.

Specify the Tags, if any and click Next

Review the settings and click on Review + Create

This will be initializing the deployment

Wait for the deployment to complete and then click on Go to resource & Now we can see the deployed Azure Monitors for SAP Solutions deployed

Creating a Key Vault :

As we need to securely store the secrets for accessing the SAP systems, we need to create a key vault. To do so, search for Key Vault, and then click on Add

Click Next after completing all the required fields. Access Procedure

Select the required network and then click on Next: Tags

Specify the tags if required and then click Next: Review + Create

Review all the settings and then click on Create


Wait for the deployment to get finished & go to resource


Adding Provider :

A provider aids in gathering telemetry data from a component by holding the connection details for that component. Multiple providers of the same provider type or multiple providers of different provider types can be set for one Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions resource.

To enable data gathering from the corresponding component in their SAP ecosystem, we can establish various provider types.

Numerous providers of a particular provider type may reuse the same SAP monitor resource and associated managed group.



When implementing the SAP Monitor resource, it is advised to configure at least one provider from the various provider types. We can start data collection from the matching component for which a provider is configured by configuring the provider.

Although the SAP monitor resource will be correctly deployed if no providers are configured at the time of deployment, no telemetry data will be gathered.


Configuring SAP HANA :

To enable data collection from the SAP HANA database, we can configure one or more providers of the SAP HANA provider type. The SAP HANA provider establishes a connection to the SAP HANA database via a SQL port, extracts telemetry data, and then pushes it to the subscription’s Log Analytics workspace. Every minute, the SAP HANA provider gathers data from the SAP HANA database.

In the deployed Azure Monitor resource, select Providers and then click Add to add a provider.

Select Type as SAP HANA and further details will be asked


Complete all of the connectivity information below.

  • Enter the HANA server’s private IP address.
  • Enter the name of the desired database tenant. Though we are using SYSTEMDB in this case since it allows for a wider range of monitoring regions, we are free to use any tenant.

The SQL port number for your HANA database must be entered. The format for the port number should be [3] + [instance#] + [13]. For instance, 31013

  • Enter the desired database username. Verify that the monitoring and catalogue read roles are assigned to the database user.

Choose the key vault containing the HANA access code.

Select the Key Vault and then click on Secret

And click on Add provider option & wait for the connection to be finished successfully.


In this blog, I’ve tried to illustrate how we can deploye and configure providers in Azure.I will cover further part in the next blog.
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