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In-Advance Documentation Delivery on SAP Help Portal with SAP Notes


Hi everyone,

As you know, SAP Notes are part of the implementation of most of the functional and legal changes in a product. And up until now, you would get the required product documentation from documents attached to the SAP Notes, or in some cases wait until the next support package for the documentation update on the SAP Help Portal.

We heard your feedback that this setup caused confusion and worked on a solution.

It’s about time to announce that we no longer need to attach product documentation of legal requirements for country/region-specific developments to SAP Notes. You don’t need to wait until the next support package to have the relevant details about a functional change either. The product documentation related to localizations in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, such as legal changes and other legal requirements, is going to be available when an SAP Note is released!


The process for in-advance documentation delivery

If it’s a legal change, it all starts with the Announcement of Legal Changes app.

There, you find the background information about the legal change such as laws, legal requirements, and the date on which the legal change comes into effect. There you find the SAP Note link.

Here’s an example:

Announcement of Legal Change includes SAP Note number


You can also check how to get to the SAP Note number from the legal change announcement below:

                                                 Select the image for a better visualization

If a country/region-specific development is not categorized as a legal change, the process starts here, with the SAP Note.

In the SAP Note, you find information about the objects released for the legal change and instructions on how to implement them, the prerequisites, and manual steps.

The news is that this SAP Note contains a link to the What’s New topic under the Solution section.

Check how to get to the What’s New topic in the SAP Note below:

                                                    Select the image for a better visualization

In the What’s New topic, you find an overview of the changes in the software related to the functional or legal change, for example, about new or changed features.

There you find links to topics on the SAP Help Portal that are new or have been changed due to the development released in advance with an SAP Note.

Check how to get to the product documentation from the What’s new topic below:

                                                  Select the image for a better visualization

In the product assistance, you find detailed information about the new/changed functions and processes.


What’s in scope and what isn’t

This new process is going to be available for country/region-specific developments and legal requirements when delivered in advance with SAP Notes.

And just so we are all on the same page: Product documentation is no longer expected as an attachment. However, that does not include manual steps or implementation steps that often are needed when implementing a development.

We hope this brings a positive impact and less confusion as the product documentation is going to be updated more often, and on the SAP Help Portal. But of course, we want to hear from you once you’ve experienced this change. 😊 Feel free to add your comments or questions below.

You can also refer to previous communication about this process on the SAP Community, see SAP ERP: New Documentation Versioning on SAP Help Portal.


See you next time,

Ailane Kuhn

SAP In-Advance Documentation Delivery project team

#SAPGoGlobal #SAPLocalization

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      Author's profile photo Warren Nash
      Warren Nash

      Great.  But one point, is there a method to request information on legal change OSS notes & functions?  Normally I just make a "parent" note as a favourite then I receive updates!

      Author's profile photo Bernhard Luecke
      Bernhard Luecke

      Good to see the documentation in the right place from the beginning!