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How to Find Inactive Users in SAC

Every license in SAC comes with a cost, thus the user ids need to be effectively utilized especially for the practice tenant and training tenants where the users are created for short period of time for a POC or hands on pertaining to a training and the users login to the tenant on need basis like ones in couple of months, in such scenarios the users stay within the landscape occupying the license and without utilizing the tenant effectively.

In Such scenarios dashboard that provides the readymade information of inactive users over a particular period of time is very handy and SAP has provided the dashboard perfectly serving the purpose.

The idea is to find out the inactive users and release the id’s after a certain interval of inactivity, this would allow new user ids to be created after removing the inactive one.

Thanks to SAP, it provides an out of the box dashboard available in SAC with name System Overview

Below are the steps on how to use it along with what other information available as part of the Analytical Application dashboard.

However, this blog only covers the step by step on how to find inactive user using the sap delivered analytical dashboard.

Path for the dashboard (analytical application)

Log on to SAC > Files > System > Common > SAC Content >System Overview

Below is the dashboard name (Analytical Application)


Click on the analytical application dashboard, the below screen appears. Click on the Run Analytic Application.








There are many pages namely Home, Authorization, Security, Dependencies, Usage, Content.


To find the inactive users, click on to the Authorization page.

The authorization page shows the available users, not logged in and Inactive.

Clicking on the numbers or the numeric values on the tiles shows more details.

One can play around and set the filters and there is much more functionality.

If we scroll down there is a tab for Users/Teams/Roles. Here we can see the details of the Never Logged on user and the Offset Monthly Inactive.



Click on Never Logged on to get the list of SAC users that have never logged on to SAC tenant since the time the id is created. For timer interval use Offset Monthly Inactive i.e., it shows since how many months is the user inactive or since how many months the user has not logged into SAC tenant. This information will help the relevant team to decide if the user id has to be released or not.


The below snapshot provides the time of offset for 6,9,12,15,18, and 24 months.


As stated above rest of the pages in the dashboard also provide some useful information. The idea of this document is not to train someone on the dashboard but just to guide the standard functionality available within SAC to find the useful information w.r.t the system.

This is a step-by-step process to find out the inactive users in the tenant.


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      Author's profile photo Lothar Köder
      Lothar Köder


      There exists an easier way to enter the named application using the info area:


      It's opened directly in view mode so no additional run of the application is needed then.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Puneet Chawla
      Puneet Chawla
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Lothar, you are absolutely right, there is another short cut as well to open the overview with the steps you suggested.




      Author's profile photo Kathleen Tang
      Kathleen Tang

      Is there an API or job that take the inactive users in S4 and feed to SAC to mark them inactive/terminated or put them in a staging to be processed for Deactivated?

      How are people managing the offboarding the inactive users?

      Author's profile photo Puneet Chawla
      Puneet Chawla
      Blog Post Author

      Very Good Question Katheen Tang, however the above blog was only related to the inactive users within an SAC tenant.


      Coming back to your question, this is an area that i need to explore.