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Difference Between SAP Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM for Operations/Monitoring


In SAP ALM Summit APJ 2023, Janko Budzisch mentioned, about the future of operations for customers. Going forward, SAP Focused Run should be used as complimentary with SAP Cloud ALM for application lifecycle management solutions.

We are already aware about SAP Focused Run and its capabilities and what it brings to the table, while on the other hand we have SAP Cloud ALM, which is the go-to tool right now for operation related requirements and solutions. SAP recommends SAP Cloud ALM, for customers who doesn’t have complex landscape and have medium or small size landscape. Whereas for large customers, who have complex landscape as well complex requirements, SAP Focused Run is the recommended tool for them for operations related solutions.


So, when we are talking about SAP Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM, we should be aware of the differences between SAP Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM for Operations. Janko Budzisch has already talked about this difference in SAP ALM Summit APJ 2023, so I will use that as a reference for this blog.

  1. SAP Cloud ALM supports both Business and IT Users for comprehensive collaboration, whereas SAP Focused Run is specialized for IT Users, focusing primarily on IT-related tasks.
  2. SAP Cloud ALM provides Business Process Monitoring capabilities, whereas SAP Focused Run does not include Business Process Monitoring functionalities.
  3. While SAP Cloud ALM offers a full-blown system management suite with features like system monitoring, root cause analysis, and EWA, SAP Focused Run has limited system monitoring capabilities, mainly focused on health monitoring for on-prem ABAP systems.
  4. SAP Cloud ALM is designed for solution landscapes from M to L in size, whereas SAP Focused Run is more suitable for larger solution landscapes, ranging from L to XL.
  5. In terms of application monitoring, SAP Cloud ALM is geared towards handling medium volume applications, while SAP Focused Run excels at managing high volume application environments.
  6. SAP Cloud ALM targets cloud-centric landscapes, whereas SAP Focused Run is intended for hybrid landscapes, combining both on-prem and cloud environments.
  7. Data collection in SAP Cloud ALM is agentless, simplifying the process, whereas SAP Focused Run uses an agent-based approach for data collection.
  8. Unlike SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Focused Run supports multiple customer enablement, allowing for efficient management of diverse customer environments.
  9. SAP Cloud ALM employs external operations automation, while SAP Focused Run utilizes embedded operations automation for streamlined operations.
  10. While SAP Cloud ALM focuses on providing external analytics, SAP Focused Run offers cross-use case and external analytics capabilities.
  11. SAP Cloud ALM has a separated event and alert management system, whereas SAP Focused Run integrates event and alert management for a more centralized approach.



So, SAP Focused Run is more useful for IT users (e.g., SAP Basis Teams, Administrators, etc.) whereas SAP Cloud ALM is more useful for business users. Both tools have its own advantages, it depends on the utilization and the requirements.

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