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Repair Serial Number profile for a material with Harmonized Serial number profile

With the latest versions, SAP introduced harmonized serial number profile which allows to maintain the SN profile at plant level and the same can be carried forward to warehouse. Lot of content available to understand the harmonized SN profile. This blog is to explain how to convert the SN material to Non-SN or Vice Versa or convert one type of SN to other types of SN.

Main table where the serialization information for a material stored is /SCWM/SERH2

Settings for SN profile:

Options available in stock check:

Depending on the option selected, during the change of SN profile, the system will validate the existing stock.

Assuming we already cleared the stock for serialized material, let us try to change the SN profile for a material.

This information gets updated at plant level but the same will not be updated in /SCWM/SERH2 table.

In older versions SAP used to provide a correction program to run and correct table entries /SCWM/SERH. But new versions will not allow same correction program.

Using monitor methods, try to repair SN profile.

System validates the DCO status of all deliveries created for the material.

This includes Inbound, outbound, posting change deliveries, internal stock transfers and production/process orders.

In this example, Inbound & outbound deliveries are closed but there is an open PMR exist.

Let’s try to set the TECO for production/process order.

This will not set the DCO status as completed which will prevent the SN repair.

Now let’s try to close the production order or set deletion flag which updates DCO status 9.

Now try to repair SN profile.

Repair SN profile for a batch + SN material:

For a batch + serial managed material, if there is any batch split for deliveries, even though the delivery status is completed, till 2022 version system is treating the main item as not completed which is resulting in issue in repairing SN profile.

If you have such cases, implement correction note 3278121 – Repair SN profile still not working after Note 3243618.

Thank you for reading the post, please share thoughts and feedback.

PS: This is my personal observation based on requirements I worked on, and this blog is based on S4 HANA 2022 version sandbox.

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      Author's profile photo ravi kiran pasala
      ravi kiran pasala

      Hi Narsimha,

      Good Info. here i have small doubt.

      I repaired SNP(Serial number Profile) from Monitor after removing SNP-  IM side. then /SCWM/SERH2 got Refreshed. but after some period i assigned same SNP again with same Material/Product Master but this time  /SCWM/SERH2 table not updated with  Serial number no Requirement/object name/Source of Serialization settings

      Sytem: S4HANA202o-Embedded.

      Any idea? on reversal of SNP ?