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PostgreSQL | How to deploy PostgreSQL on a Kyma environment

This blog post is a series of 3, where our aim is to walkthrough setting up your PostgreSQL service on a Kyma environment:

  1. PostgreSQL is now available on the Kyma environment (read me first)
  2. How to deploy PostgreSQL on a Kyma environment (your current read)
  3. Connect to a PostgreSQL instance on a Kyma environment (read here)

In this second article we will cover how to deploy PostgreSQL on a Kyma environment.

Before connecting to your PostgreSQL instance there are some prerequisites and steps that need to be carried out:


  • Have a Global Account, Sub-Account and the necessary PostgreSQL Entitlements (refer to blog one)

Please note:

This blog covers the creation of instances and bindings using the Kyma Dashboard if you prefer to use the command line tools (kubectl), please follow instructions provided within SAP help and additionally install:


After adding the necessary entitlements to the sub-account, you can now create your first PostgreSQL instance within your Kyma environment.

Go to your SAP BTP Cockpit and select the subaccount where you have your Kyma environment enabled. Select the console URL link (3).

Firstly, within the Kyma dashboard you need to create a new namespace, once created go to ‘Service Management’ > ‘Service Instances’ and select ‘Create Service Instance’ (7).

Please note:

  • In order to create a service instance on Kyma, have in mind which service plan of PostgreSQL you wish to consume.
  • You will need to provide the following information:
Field Value
Name <name of your choice>
Offering Name postgresql-db
Service Plan Name <Service plan of your choice>

Validate the service instance was created successfully

Once you have created your instance successfully you will be able to see it within your SAP BTP Cockpit. Navigate to ‘Services’ > ‘Instances and Subscriptions’, within the instance subsection your new instance will be shown.

Creating a service binding within your Kyma environment

Within the Kyma Dashboard, navigate to your newly created instance and select ‘Create Service Binding ’.

Provide the following information and select ‘Create’. Once successfully created the status will be shown as ‘Provisioned’.

Field Value
Name <name of your choice>
Service Instance Name <select your previously created instance from the drop down>

Validate the service binding was created successfully

Within the SAP BTP Cockpit your instance will now show your new service binding, click within it for more information.

You have now successfully added a PostgreSQL instance to your Kyma environment.

For information on how to consume your PostgreSQL instance please have a look at our third and final blog here.

Relevant sources of information: 

  • For detailed information on how to create instances on Kyma please refer to Kyma learning.
  • For additional details on Kyma set-ups please access the SAP Help portal and also have a look at the video series provided in the following Kyma blog.
  • For more information on PostgreSQL on SAP BTP, hyperscaler option service, please check SAP Help.
  • For information on PostgreSQL pricing and commercial options and regions, please check SAP Discovery Center


Thank you,

SAP BTP Backing Services – Product Management

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      Author's profile photo Danilo Bovo da Silva
      Danilo Bovo da Silva

      Hello, I'm trying to provision PostgreSQL through Kyma as per this blog and I'm getting the error below:

      ServiceInstance create failed: couldn't find the service offering postgresql-db on dataCenter ''.

      My Kyma cluster are running os AWS US East (VA) region, this feature are available for this region?? Where can I find this information?


      Author's profile photo Thomas Heinze
      Thomas Heinze

      Danilo Bovo da Silva Could you please provide us the region of your subaccount as well?

      Author's profile photo Danilo Bovo da Silva
      Danilo Bovo da Silva

      Of course, the subaccount is in the same region on AWS. US East (VA).

      Author's profile photo Thomas Heinze
      Thomas Heinze

      Danilo Bovo da Silva Can you please retry? We have analyzed the issue and (hopefully) fixed it.

      Author's profile photo Danilo Bovo da Silva
      Danilo Bovo da Silva

      It worked... \o/

      Author's profile photo Sandip Yewale
      Sandip Yewale

      Hi, I recently created new cluster and new namespace with sidecar enabled in BTP trial environment but not able to see the  ‘Service Management’ > ‘Service Instances’. Do we require any specific role for that? My trial subaccount is in USA->AWS.

      Author's profile photo Silvia Pedroso
      Silvia Pedroso
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sandip Yewale

      I have cluster-admin access for Kyma Dashboard, when i activated Kyma on SAP BTP Cockpit, i added my email as administrator. When you select 'Enable' Kyma you get a pop up and within the additional parameter's you have a administrator area where you can add your desired admin.

      However, you could also try to add you user on Kyma. While in the cluster area, you can go to 'cluster role bindings' and 'Create cluster role bindings' from the list of available authorizations 'btp-manager-manager-role' seems to have both service management and service instances.

      Hope this helps,

      Thank you



      Author's profile photo Sandip Yewale
      Sandip Yewale

      Hi Silvia,

      After assigning  'btp-manager-manager-role' to given email id, 'service management' section started appearing.

      Thank you for your help.