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SAP Business Network for Logistics 2307 Release – What’s New?

Every month, we release new features in SAP Business Network for Logistics and provide a blog post to summarize the most exciting innovations.

With this blog, I would like to share the highlights of the 2307 release. It is intended for shippers and solution owners, carriers and data providers as well as sales and presales colleagues who already have a detailed understanding of SAP Business Network for Logistics.

The graphic shows the highlights that will be covered in this blog.

This month, again, there are many advances with regards to connectivity and integration topics and even a ‘must know’. So make sure to read until the end of the blog as I will come to these later and would like to start with SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace.


SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace

Event table now available

Solution owners can now display an event table in the ‘Events’ tab on the detail pages of all fulfillment tracking applications. You can also report events and personalize table settings.

Compared to the tracking timeline, the event table:

  • Support customers, who do not use the map
  • Provides more flexibility to sort, and filter
  • Includes very reported event instead of tailored milestones

Custom tracking status

In the standard model in Manage Models’ app, you can define your custom tracking status. On the worklist page of the Track Shipments’ app, you can filter upon and display your tracking status. Further, on the ‘Shipment Details’ page, you can add its tag on the header with the flexible UI function.

For more information on the rules of defining your tracking status, see Define the Codes for Displaying the Tracking Status in the Application Help.

Unplanned delivery event sets execution status to ‘complete’

If an unplanned delivery event is reported on the destination of the shipment, freight unit, inbound delivery or outbound delivery, their execution statuses will be changed to ‘completed. In scenarios in which there are no planned delivery events – for example in parcel tracking – this is a very useful enhancement. The feature applies to the Track Shipments, Monitor Outbound ASN and Monitor Outbound Delivery applications.

Documentation on Help Portal restructured, and new assets added

We have restructured the documentation for SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace on SAP Help Portal for a better overview and ease of use.

The Administration Guide for Version 2 has been split into seven documents:

  • Administration Guide for Solution Owners
  • Administration Guide for Data Contributors
  • Application Help
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Send Documents from SAP ERP to SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace
  • How to Send Documents from SAP Business Network Global Track and Trace to Other Systems

And there are new guides are available:

  • Getting Started Guide for Solution Owners
  • Getting Started Guide for Data Contributors



SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration

Contracting: EDI 301 ‘Booking request confirmation’ now available

EDI 301 is the industry standard for the carrier to send a reply to the shipper regarding an ocean booking request. The respective documentation can be found here.

Below, you can find an overview of EDI we currently support in SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration.


Dock Appointment Scheduling: Cancel Gate Check-In

In the ‘Manage Gate Operations’ app, shippers can now cancel the check-in process for which the check-in is either in progress, on hold, or completed.

When you navigate to the appointment details page in the ‘Manage Dock Appointments’ app, you can view the Check-In Canceled event on the header. When you update an appointment, the associated gate logbook status changes to ‘Ready for Check-In’.

When check-in is cancelled in the ‘Manage Gate Operations’ app and if the gate logbook has been enabled for tracking, the event will be sent to your backend system.

Settlement: New app ‘Invoice Freight Bookings’

Carriers can now create an invoice for ocean and air freight bookings via web UI. Previously this had only been possible via API. The new app is called ‘Invoice Freight Bookings’. See below for more details.


For a full overview of collaboration options for carriers (web UI, API and EDI), detailed out per process step and mode of transport, please take a look at the below graphic. It is part of our brand new ‘Carrier Introduction to Business Network for Logistics’ deck, a new asset to support our carriers in the best possible way (with more to come).



SAP Business Network Freight Collaboration and Global Track and Trace: Connectivity and Integration

Deprecation of ‘Manage Integration Logs’ Version 1

The ‘Manage Integration Logs’ (Version 1.0) app has been deprecated since July 22, 2023, and will be replaced by the ‘Manage Integration Logs’ Version 2.0 app. If you have not already done so, we recommend that you switch to the ‘Manage Integration Logs’ Version 2.0 app as soon as possible.

We plan to disable the old app on November 11, 2023.

To use the new app (as a shipper, solution owner or network owner), ask your system administrator to add the ‘ManageIntegrationLogsDisplayTemplate’ and ‘ManageIntegrationLogsTemplate’ roles to your role collection. If you are a carrier, data contributor or network participant, your role settings are managed by SAP Business Network for Logistics. The app shall be visible in your SAP Fiori launchpad.

For any queries or concerns, please report an incident on SAP ONE Support Launchpad categorized by component SBN-LBN-INT.

While Version 1 is depreciated, we have made some enhancements to Version 2 of the ‘Manage Integration Logs’ app:

  • Log filters available for ‘all’ and ‘failed logs’ – results are displayed in the respective tabs ‘all logs’ or ‘failed logs’
  • Excel download now also includes ‘involved parties’
  • New status ‘retry’ available, i.e. for log retries ranging from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes, after which the status goes into – ’completed’ or ’escalated’.


SAP Business Network intelligent insights, add-on

Download analytic model’s transactional data

You can now download an analytic model’s transactional data through the ‘Manage Analytic Models’ app. For more information, see Download Analytic Model.


A full overview of the 2307 release can be found under the following link.

The above summarises the key innovations for 2307. We hope you enjoy the new capabilities. Thanks for reading the blog post and stay tuned!

To learn more about SAP Business Network for Logistics visit SAP – Business Network for Logistics.

For further questions and feedback related to the blog, please check the Q&A area and feel free to post your questions in the link with the tag SAP Business Network for Logistics.


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      Rodrigo Silva

      Thanks for sharing!

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      Miguel Carranza

      Great information.

      Is there a way to suscribe to a what's new page?

      Also, where can i suscribe to notifications on availability for the platform?


      Author's profile photo Corinna Kramer
      Corinna Kramer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Miguel,

      I publish these 'what's new' blogs regularly under the following hashtag: SAP Business Network for Logistics_Release Highlights | SAP Blogs

      You can follow this hashtag and establish email notification when new blogs are being posted under your user settings in SAP Community.

      In case you do not want to miss anything on SAP Business Network for Logistics in general, please follow this hashtag (the 'what's new' will also list there): SAP Business Network for Logistics | SAP | SAP Blogs