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SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Migration of Service Plan 16_abap_64_db

SAP BTP ABAP Environment (aka Steampunk) supports two Cloud Foundry service plans for ABAP systems:

  • standard for normal development, test, and productive systems
  • saas_oem for systems to provide multitenancy SaaS applications

In the early days of Steampunk, service plan 16_abap_64_db was also offered as a predecessor of service plan standard (see blog post Flexible Sizing Options for ABAP Environment).

However, using service plan 16_abap_64_db for new ABAP systems is not supported anymore.

Required Adoption

We ask you to change older service instances from service plan 16_abap_64_db to standard.

Otherwise, the following planned features will not be supported for the respective ABAP systems:

  • Static sizing of the number of ABAP compute units (ACUs), HANA compute units (HCUs), and the additional disk size in the SAP BTP Cockpit.
  • Stop & Start of ABAP systems in the Landscape Portal.
  • Dynamic elasticity.

Changing the service plan from 16_abap_64_db to standard does not change any existing functionality. It does not change the size of the system (number of ACUs and HCUs) and it does not lead to a system disruption or downtime. The adoption is required for all types of systems having the outdated service plan: for development and non-development systems.

How to migrate from service plan 16_abap_64_db to standard

How to find service instances with service plan 16_abap_64_db

Logon to the SAP BTP Cockpit, navigate to all respective subaccounts and select Instances and Subscriptions in the left navigation bar. Choose ABAP environment in the dropdown box to filter the instances. Take a look into tab Instances – all entries in the table with 16_abap_64_db in column Plan need to be migrated.

Migration prerequisites

Make sure to have sufficient authorizations to update service instances in the BTP Cockpit:

  • Org Member in the Cloud Foundry section of the subaccount
  • Role Space Developer in the Cloud Foundry Space of the subaccount

Step-by-step description

1) Select the service instance and open the Update popup

Perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the respective subaccount
  • Select Instances and Subscriptions
  • Select service ABAP environment as filter
  • Press Update for each service instance with Plan 16_abap_64_db


SAP BTP Cockpit, Instances and Subscriptions

2) Change the service plan to standard

Change the value for field Plan in the dropdown box to standard:


Change the service plan value

3) Update the service instance

Finish the change by pressing the button Update Instance:


Update Instance


The migration from the outdated service plan 16_abap_64_db to the standard plan is a necessary step to unlock new features. This migration cannot be performed centrally by SAP and is the responsibility of the customers.

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      Author's profile photo Jarrod Beltramo - JBNY
      Jarrod Beltramo - JBNY

      hey Frank,


      great post! our team is planning to implement this to get the latest and greatest from the SAP BTP ABAP environment. Looking forward to this new feature!

      quick question though, would this affect the parameters at the service instance level if we had previously had specific parameters in the instance? Or would the update only update the service plan, if and only if we made a change to the service plan?


      Example would be, that if we update the service plan, would I have to now change the inital admin parameter or instance ID?

      Author's profile photo Frank Jentsch
      Frank Jentsch
      Blog Post Author

      The other parameters are not affected