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Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Cloud ALM (TTA for Cloud ALM)

An introduction to Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Cloud ALM (TTA for Cloud ALM)

SAP Partnership with Tricentis

Tricentis, a renowned testing software provider with a global customer base, has joined forces with SAP to deliver Tricentis test Automation for SAP Cloud ALM. Tricentis brings its expertise in advanced test automation, including model-based testing, and now offers its cloud-based solution.

Since 2020, SAP has been reselling Tricentis solution and has established a long-term roadmap for joint development.

With prior knowledge on Tosca and the documentation available on the TTA tenant I created the first test cases and tested the integration. Today, I share with you a sneak peek into this new collaboration.

Continuous Test Automation

Before I jump into the tool and features, I would like to clarify a few terminologies first.


SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis:

  • Current product from Tricentis (Tosca) resold by SAP under a Solution Extension (SOlEx) agreement.
  • Acronym: ECT

SAP Test Automation by Tricentis

  • Future SAAS/Cloud product from Tricentis, will be resold by SAP. Based on tricentis Test Automation
  • Acronym: none

Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Solution Manager:

  • An OEM offering from SPA to the enterprise support customers
  • This is a subset of ECT in terms of functionalities
  • Acronym: TTA for SAP Solution Manager

Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Cloud ALM:

  • Will be an OEM offering from SAP to the enterprise support customers
  • This will be a subset of SAP Test Automation by Tricentis
  • Acronym: TTA for SAP Cloud ALM
Various tools assist us in identifying what needs to be tested, assessing its functionality, scalability, and data accuracy. The image below illustrates the names of these tools (including both SAP and Tricentis) and how they contribute to the testing process.

SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis Test Automation: The Why?

Let’s first clarify the question of why test cases should be automated:

  • Time savings through automated test execution.
  • Error reduction through precise and consistent test execution
  • Scalability for increasing requirements and test environments
  • Repeatability of tests as often as required
  • Efficient execution of regression tests

SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis Testautomation

Next is a brief explanation of what is available on the Cloud ALM side and the Tricentis Cloud side. The integration is done through test automation APIs that are publicly accessible.

Separation of duties:  SAP Cloud ALM vs Tricentis test Automation Cloud

When it comes to integration, SAP aims for a clear separation of duties. Under SAP Cloud ALM, we have management entities for business processes, requirements, user stories, and defects, all linked to both manual and automated test cases. For automated test cases, SAP utilizes the destination framework and the Test Automation Endpoint with test automation APIs to connect to a test automation provider, in this case, Tricentis. SAP Cloud ALM primarily focuses on orchestration, but execution is also possible from this platform. Additionally, reporting and triggering of test cases from Tricentis are available within SAP Cloud ALM.

For each SAP Cloud ALM tenant, there will be one corresponding Tricentis tenant. The automated test cases are maintained on the Tricentis side, and using Transformation APIs, only the necessary information is synchronized. On the Tricentis side, we have the destination for test automation, including test automation authoring, maintenance, adjustments, and execution.



In Tricentis Test Automation for SAP Cloud ALM, the execution of tests is facilitated by an Automation Agent. This agent functions as a program that can be installed on your local or virtual machine, or even within a container. The Agents establish a connection with your Tricentis Test Automation for SAP instance and remain ready to receive and execute tests at all times.

On the Tricentis side there will be an execution grid which allows you to manage the agents.

The Agents can be On-Premise (for example, on Customer Landscape) or on Cloud called Hosted execution Agents (TTA side). The Hosted Agents a not available today but are planned for 2024.

There are two types of Agents: private and shared. These agents are the same just configured differently.

  1. Private Agents. You can use the private agent to run a test locally and the results of the tests are visible only to you.
  2. Shared Agents. With the shared agent you can have multiple users running tests in the same test environment. This allows you to work on your machine while the tests run on a different machine.



Execute an Automated Test Case from SAP Cloud ALM

Before starting to execute your Test Case make sure the Status of your Test Case in Test Preparation is set to “Prepared”. If it is not set to “Prepared” you won’t be able to see it here.

To run your Test you must open “Test Execution” in SAP Cloud ALM.

  1. First, we want to filter the test cases after Project, Scope, Solution Process if necessary.
  2. Another useful filter is to choose Automated under Test Cases.
  3. Press Execute to start running your test.
  4. Once the test finished to run, the status will be set to “Failed” or “Passed”.
  5. Use Edit icon to go back to “Test Preparation” if needed.

Open your TTA tenant from SAP Cloud ALM

TTA for Cloud ALM can be opened by accessing your tenant or: In SAP Cloud ALM, in Test Preparation, under Test Case, click on the hyperlink with the name of your test case – in the example below: “Open Test Preparation in CALM” and a new tab will be open in your Browser with Tricentis Test Automation page where you can access the test on the Tricentis side.

Please let me know in the comments how it was for you to create your first test case with TTA.

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      Author's profile photo Chris Speare
      Chris Speare

      Hi delia,


      Thanks for the post..

      I have successfully created and run a test directly in TTA cloud and in CALM via TTA cloud.

      I am having issues with automated testing for SuccessFactors.  Is there any support/training specifically for SuccessFactors automated testing?




      Author's profile photo Delia Barabasy
      Delia Barabasy
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Chris,

      I am happy to hear that.

      For now there is no training specifically on SuccessFactors (all training on TTA can be found under documentation in the Tricentis tenant, there are also some YouTube videos here). You are having issues because its not there yet, some more features are needed that will come in the next two months.



      Author's profile photo Samikhya Dash
      Samikhya Dash


      Can we use TTA For CALM to automate GUI based transactions like VA01 etc ? We have an On-Prem system (S4) and when I try to scan the VA01 screen , the XScan is not capturing the screen controls . Does TTA for CALM support only Webbased applications like Fiori Apps only?


      With Regards



      Author's profile photo Delia Barabasy
      Delia Barabasy
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Samikhya,


      You cannot scan becasue it is not yet available. TTA for CALM is planned to be available for SAP GUI by the end of 2023. More about this here.

      Hope this together with the presentation answers your questions. Please feel free to contact me if you need further help.




      Author's profile photo Samikhya Dash
      Samikhya Dash

      Dear Delia


      Does it mean at present state , we can only automate the Browser based Application like Fiori Apps and GUI based automation will be available later?


      I raised a Ticket to SAP yesterday mentioning that XScan is not capturing GUI Transaction codes and They responded like below :--



      Dear customer, 

      I believe I'm understanding that your issue is that when scanning a page in XScan within SAP GUI, choosing an object on the page has XScan does not show the object ?

      This issue is actually fixed as of SAP GUI 770 patch level 9. So, in order to fix the issue you're seeing you'll need to upgrade your patch.  Should this not fix the issue please confirm the SAP GUI Release and patch that you are using. 

      Additionally, make sure that your display settings are correct and set to 100%. Regardless of the patch, incorrect display settings can negatively affect how XScan detects objects.

      Please confirm also your contact details. 

      Many thanks 

      Best regards



      I am confused now , Is it GUI version issue or Feature not available in TTA ? I have to advise customer same if you can clarify?


      With Regards


      Author's profile photo Chris Speare
      Chris Speare

      Hi Samikhya,


      TTA for Cloud ALM at the moment only supports web-based components.

      The answer you got would make sense for the non-cloud version of TTA.

      If you want to create and run automated tests for SAP GUI you can download and install Tricentis Test Automation for SAP (TTA).  This is installed locally and is a different product to TTA for Cloud ALM.  It is available in the SAP download area on SAP for Me.  Search for "TTA" in the download search box.

      It is a great product but takes some time and effort to use it correctly.

      Note, depending on your SAP licence this may not be available to you.