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Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET

*Update *- Extending the reach of SAP Analytics Cloud data with Microsoft Office front ends

This blog provides an update of my previous blog published in Feb 2021.

 With this I want  to share the latest Positioning, Road map and Strategy, we do follow for our two Add-ins SAP Analysis for Office and SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office.

We do  continue to provide to our customers two different solutions to explore an extended playground in the familiar Microsoft interface.

 SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office

Analysis Office 2.8 has been delivered more than 3 years ago.

As you may be aware, SAP has taken a Cloud first strategy, which means SAP Analysis for office, as on-premises solution and mature product, will receive only limited investments from 2023 onwards. Nevertheless, we continue to support this important solution until at least 2029. Corrections will be delivered as a quarterly SP based on the 2.8 release.   

The 2 editions of Analysis for Office have evolved since the last Service Packs.


Our Road map for Excel environment is focused on SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office, as consequence we have made public the following Statement of direction:

SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office

SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office is our new Excel front end built on top of Office 365, leveraging Microsoft’s latest Java script technology. With the freedom to drill down, expand, and filter your data in Excel, you can then build custom calculations with external data, expand hierarchies, generate ad hoc reports and intuitively create ratios and trace data to the KPIs that matter most to you. The Add-in is provided via Microsoft store. Updates, fixes and new features are then delivered automatically to you, where you can use your choice of Mac or PC platform.

It is a great match for large-scale deployment of SAC where MS Office (Excel) remains an essential component for simple visualizations or more complex processes of data-entry.

Road Map  

How do we position the two Add- ins?  

SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office (also known as AFO) continues to be an important add-in for multiple data sources like SAP BW, HANA, BPC, S/4 and Group Reporting. It is designed for financial analysts who require analytical capabilities in Microsoft Excel. It can also be used with SAP Analytics Cloud .

However, all feature investments are being made exclusively in SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office, which is our strategic solution, built on top of Microsoft Office 365. As consequence new Datasphere Analytic Models can be consumed in it and not in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office as described in Note 3297935 and SAP has no plans to support it.

Useful links on this article:

SAP Analysis for Office (AO) : 

SAP Analytics Cloud add-in for Microsoft Office

  • Community page & blogs : HERE
  • Road map HERE

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      Author's profile photo Martin Kreitlein
      Martin Kreitlein

      Hello Jeanne,

      thanks a lot for this very informative Blog... it answers many questions, which have been existing all the time, since the introduction of the new SAC add-in.

      I think you should add one important statement, which you can only interpret from one image:

      Both Analysis Office Add-in Editions will never support the SAC "New Model" - is this correct?

      This is quite sad, since SAP had introduced this, I think 2 years ago, and this has never been worth to be consumed in AO as well 🙁

      And just to make sure, does the SAC Add-in already support both models or only the classic one?

      Thanks a lot and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Martin,

      thanks for your feedback .

      Yes, I confirm it is NOT planned to support the "new " model type with any SAP Analysis for Office edition. This limitation is also  clearly stated in both PAM .

      SAC Add-in already supports both models .



      Author's profile photo Dominik Wein
      Dominik Wein

      Hi Jeanne,

      what would be the replacement for scheduling of Analysis for Office workbooks?

      We are currently using this heavily via BO and are looking for a replacement.



      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author

      hi Dominik,

      "Scheduling" is a service provided by the BOE , as you mentioned .

      Currently there is no concrete plan to add "Scheduling"  capabilities for our add in in SAP Analytics Cloud.

      Scheduling  "Stories" would be the only wait to proceed then,

      Best regards



      Author's profile photo Frederik Ulf Hansen
      Frederik Ulf Hansen

      Very disapointing that Analytical models are not supported in AFO. You say that Analytical datasets are works, but this type is even supported anymore in Datasphere FACT should be used instead. The SAC plugin is so poor compared to AFO it is not fair to even compare them. AM should be supported in AFO at least untill the SAP analytics cloud plugin  is more mature.

      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Frederik,

      Sorry, I was not clear enough : on Datasphere side , the recommendation is to use the Analytic Model instead of Analytical Data set. The new add in can connect Analytic Model ( and deprecated Data set as well).

      As you mentioned, SAP Analysis for Office is a rich and mature product, compared to our new Add in.Indeed, SAC add-in for MS office is a new product built on a new technology,  providing a different user experience and different workflows, and of course some missing features. But the goal remains the same: we want to build a strong solution in Excel.That’s why we get a strong road map , delivering new features every 4 weeks .

      As example, some recent or coming features: Get/Set data formula, Dynamic formulas, Member selector continuous improvement, BW/SAC live connectivity (planned QRC4)…

      If you see missing features in our new add-in , please create a request or vote on existing topic on on the category “Microsoft integration” ,we are continuously checking these entries when creating our road map.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Frederik Ulf Hansen
      Frederik Ulf Hansen

      Hi Jeanne


      Thank for you for the response. I completely understand that this is SAP's direction. However, I must say that you leave your customers in a very bad spot by not supporting AM's in AFO before the SAC-addin is more mature. All you would have to do is to support AM's in AFO and not deliver any further improvements to AFO. Then everyone would be happy and accept this strategic move.


      BR Frederik