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SAP Concur Localization: Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice for Japan

The Qualified Invoice System will finally start on October 1, 2023 in Japan. The Qualified Invoice System is a system whereby taxpayers issue qualified invoices and sellers inform buyers of the exact applicable tax rate, consumption tax amount, etc. With the start of this system, it is expected that electronic invoices, a system in which invoices are exchanged electronically, will also become widespread.


Some of our customers who are using SAP Concur Invoice to process invoices may have the following concerns.

– What if the vendor I order from wants to send me an electronic invoice?

– How do I receive and process electronic invoices in Concur Invoice?

– Will handling electronic invoices increase my time and effort for data entry?

As a new Localization feature for SAP Concur, we are pleased to announce the release of the Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice for Japan. This feature allows you to receive electronic invoices sent via the Peppol network from sellers (vendors) and process them in Concur Invoice.


What is Peppol?

Japan is promoting Peppol as the standard specification for electronic invoicing, and Peppol is a global standard for sending and receiving electronic documents over networks. It is important to note that Peppol itself is not a service, but a “standard specification” that defines the specifications of documents to be sent and received, operational rules, and network standards. In other words, to send and receive electronic invoices, you need to use the products of a service provider that provides services in accordance with Peppol specifications.


The advantages of Peppol include

– Streamlines the data entry of registration numbers and other information associated with the Qualified Invoice System

– Improve the efficiency of invoice process due to the electronic exchange of invoice data

– Easy overseas transactions with foreign vendors due to the global standard specifications.


Peppol uses a “four-corner model” in which electronic invoices are exchanged through four corners.


4 corner model

The seller (C1) sends the issued billing data (electronic invoice) using the sending access point (C2). The transmitted billing data is sent to the receiving access point (C3) via the Peppol network. The buyer (C4) receives the billing data via the receiving access point (C3) and proceeds to invoice processing with the billing data.


The Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice covers the receiving side. The SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, cloud edition works as the receiving access point (C3) and links to the buyer’s Concur Invoice as C4.

About Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice


Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice includes the following features

– Automatically generate an Invoice Report from the received electronic invoice data

– Automatic attachment of the original invoice data (XML file) to the generated Invoice Report

– The original invoice data (XML file) can be downloaded, and the original data cannot be edited or deleted.


How Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice works

As mentioned above, the Peppol integration of SAP Concur Invoice uses SAP’s product called SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, cloud edition, starter option.

You can take a look at the below video for how to use Peppol Integration with the cloud edition.


Electronic invoices sent by the seller are automatically linked to Concur Invoice and stored in “Unassigned Invoices”. If a vendor can be selected by the system from the contents of the electronic invoice, the vendor will be automatically selected, and if there is a user assignment for each vendor in the vendor master, it will be assigned to that user.


The invoice is automatically populated so the user can review the content and proceed to the approval workflow.



Concur Invoice Functionality


How to start


Customers who wish to use Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice for Japan should remember to purchase the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance subscription. Please contact your SAP or SAP Concur sales representative if you would like to purchase or for more information on how to start using the service.


Using Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice offers the following benefits

– Reduce man-hours of manual input due to electronic exchange and also reduce human error due to manual input

– Eliminates man-hours spent scanning and attaching paper invoices

– Streamlines the input of registration numbers and other information associated with the Qualified Invoice System


With the release of Peppol Integration for Concur Invoice, electronic invoices sent through the Peppol network can now be received directly in Concur Invoice. By receiving invoices electronically, businesses can enjoy a number of benefits, such as reduced man-hours for manual input and compliance with laws and regulations. We expect that more and more companies will be issuing electronic invoices in the future, so we encourage you to consider this as soon as possible.


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      Author's profile photo Philip Chen
      Philip Chen

      So this is SAP Concur as C4, what about SAP ERP or S/4HANA, they can also be C4, correct?

      Just in case a company is using both SAP Concur and SAP S/4HANA, which one should be C4 in this scenario? Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Takuya Matsunaga
      Takuya Matsunaga
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, they can also be C4. When a company is using SAP Concur and SAP S/4/HANA, both of them can be C4 at the same time. The company needs to set up separate Peppol Participant IDs for both products and register them as destinations in Document and Reporting Compliance, cloud edition. Then, ask vendors to send e-Invoice to the right Peppol Participant ID which is assigned to the product they want to receive.