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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Migration from the Peppol Exchange service to the new cloud edition

Perhaps you find yourself in the following situation:

You have currently integrated the Peppol Exchange service for the cloud edition of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance with your business system to electronically exchange documents with your business partners via the Peppol network. Now you’ve learned in this blog that a new version of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, cloud edition is available, and you need to migrate sooner or later.

If the situation sounds familiar to you, you will probably have a lot of questions. We would like to use this blog post to provide you with some answers!

The first question that naturally comes up after hearing about a “new version” of something is:

What is the difference to the previous version?

To answer that question, let’s have a look at different aspects:

Peppol Exchange service for the Cloud Edition of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, Cloud Edition
Scope of the services The names of the services indicate the different scopes already. The Peppol Exchange service is a standalone service that focuses only on the business scenarios related to the Peppol network – you can send and receive electronic documents through the Peppol network or validate documents for compliance.

In the new cloud edition, Peppol Exchange is not a standalone service but one of multiple processes that can be covered. You can even send invoices to countries other than those participating in the Peppol network.

Technical differences

The Peppol Exchange service runs in subaccounts managed by SAP. With those subaccounts, you can’t make your own configurations for the service.

If you also use other SAP services in SAP BTP, you may even find that this is not the standard method for services in SAP BTP.

The new cloud edition, like most other services on SAP BTP, runs in subaccounts that you manage yourself in your SAP BTP global account. This means that you now have one entry point where you can access your SAP BTP services.

In that entry point the set up of all the services works the same. So you only have to learn once how to set up a service on SAP BTP and then you know it for most of the other services as well.

Applications In the Peppol Exchange service, you have separate apps to manage users, set up connections with your business systems and to meter the application usage. In the cloud edition, all those activities can be done in the SAP BTP Cockpit, like for most other services.
Testing For the Peppol Exchange service, both in the test subaccount and in the productive subaccount, your Peppol participants are registered with the registration service for productive participants (SML). To ensure that invoices used for testing are not unintentionally considered real invoices, the service uses a different ID for your Peppol participant in the test subaccount by adding “_test“.

For the cloud edition, this is handled more clearly. In your test subaccount, you can no longer create Peppol participants using the productive participant registration service (SML). Therefore, you can also no longer send test invoices to customers who are active in production.

Now, when you register a participant in your test subaccount, then the participant is automatically created using the registration service for test participants (SMK). It is no longer necessary to create participants with “_test”. If you need more details about how it works now, you should check out this blog about Testing the Peppol Exchange Process with Your Business Partner!

Why should I migrate sooner than later?

Even if the current Peppol Exchange service still works, we really recommend you to migrate as soon as possible, because we develop new features only in the new cloud edition. You shouldn’t miss them!

We hope that now you are also excited about the new version of the cloud edition and come to the question:

How do I migrate?

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have carefully documented all steps needed for the migration: Migrating to SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, Cloud Edition

You can also watch this video that provides you an overview of all migration steps on the example of integrating the Peppol Exchange process with an SAP S/4HANA system:

Start video

Where can I find more information about the new cloud edition?

In the SAP Help Portal: SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, cloud edition

In blog posts in SAP Community: End-to-end Testing using Peppol Exchange in SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, Cloud Edition

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Stay tuned for more blog posts around the Peppol Exchange process of the cloud edition of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance and follow the assigned tags or the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance page here in SAP community! 

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