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Bringing logistics visibility into focus

Logistics visibility has become a lot more…  well, visible, since our supply chains were tested like never before during the Covid-19 global pandemic.  Even now, as transportation and supply chains have begun to rebound sufficiently to feed our economic engines, we still face labor, climate and geo-political risks and inflationary cost pressures that make avoiding supply chain disruption a persistent daily challenge.  This new normal is what keeps the pursuit of logistics visibility as a top priority for the C-suite.

Another recent post provided the definition of logistics visibility:

“Logistics visibility is the ability to track an order or movement of goods, products, and materials for a clearer view of status and progress along a process or route.”

But what if the practice of logistics visibility has not yet come into focus for you?  Maybe you are still wondering, what is logistics visibility?  Why do I need it?  How do I achieve it?

Well, feel free to set down your bifocals.  Here are two recent podcasts that lay out the business case for logistics visibility, and do well to explain the essential role that logistics visibility plays in resilient supply chains, customer satisfaction, profitability, and growth.


Logistics visibility is the ability to track an order or movement of goods, products, and materials for a clearer view of status and progress along a process or route.


The Future of Supply Chain Episode 18:
What’s the Cost of Poor Visibility Across Your Logistics Processes with SAP’s Rene Vallejo

Did you ever wonder how much poor visibility across your ecosystem could cost you? It’ll affect more than just your profit &revenue. In this episode, SAP’s own Rene Vallejo joins us to discuss the true value of visibility across your logistics processes.

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In this podcast, Rene Vallejo, SAP Business Network Executive, cuts to the chase to say that uncertainty is “the new normal.”

“The real full extension of logistic visibility is, how is [risk and disruption] going to impact across everything that I do in my business,” Vallejo explains to dig deeper into the topic.  “It is important to have the updates of logistic events at the fingertips of the people who work with commercial transactions.”

This podcast goes beyond the old adage, “no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan.”  The insightful analysis from this discussion helps to underpin that, as Vallejo comments, “Poor planning, or poor decision making, is not a choice. It’s a symptom of lack of visibility, and this is what we are trying to tackle.”


The Future of Supply Chain Episode 17:
Insights on the Move: Leveraging real-time insights for efficient transportation

Transportation visibility is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world. Shippeo leverages real-time data and analytics, empowering supply chain managers to optimize operations.

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In this podcast, SAP talks with Lucien Besse, COO and Co-Founder of Shippeo, an SAP partner in logistics collaboration, visibility and insights on SAP Business Network.

Besse brings vast experience and insights to all matters of transportation transparency and visibility, but notably starts here, “First thing is a rise of new customer expectations.”  Besse goes on to clarify what logistics visibility is in terms of the realization of today’s customer expectations, “Visibility is leveraging your supply chain to provide a greater experience to your customers.”

Besse explains that mastering your supply chain will always be about profitability, but now it’s also about resilience, employee experience, and as noted above, the customer experience.

Besse also makes one point that I’d like to borrow for the conclusion of this post.  Inevitably the question is asked, by customers, internal and external alike, “Where is my shipment?  When will it arrive?”  Besse does well to note that he has never met a person not wanting to know the answers to these questions.


With the logistics collaboration solutions available through SAP Business Network, these questions can be answered in the context of your business, for more resilient, transparent and sustainable supply chains.

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