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Use custom action in Intelligent Situation Automation to resolve situation type Quantity Deficit in Supplier Delivery

In the blog How to Configure Intelligent Situation Automation for Physical Inventory Monitoring in 5 Easy Steps, Ranjitha Balaraman has explained how to use  predlivered action to resolve situation. Then if there is no predelivered action for some situation types, how do the customers resolve the situation types ? The answer is using custom action. Then the next question is how to realize a custom action. Customers can use custom code deployed in BTP cloud foundry or kyma, SPA,Integration suite,etc to realize custom action.

Today I will explain how to deploy an application in BTP cloud foundry as custom action in Intelligent Situation Automation to resolve situation type Quantity Deficit in Supplier Delivery . The function is when the situation instance triggered, the custom applicaiton will get the supplier’s email address from master data by using cloud sdk and prepare an email with context information from situation instance. Then the supplier will be automatically notified.

The following is the main code in server.js .

const xsenv = require('@sap/xsenv')
const bodyParser = require('body-parser');
const serviceBindings = xsenv.getServices({
    deficitactionuaa: {tag: 'xsuaa'}
const UAA_CREDENTIALS = serviceBindings.deficitactionuaa

const express = require('express')
const app = express();
const xssec = require('@sap/xssec')
const passport = require('passport')
const mail = require('nodemailer')
const {retrieveJwt} = require('@sap-cloud-sdk/core')
const {businessPartnerService} = require('@sap/cloud-sdk-vdm-business-partner-service')
const JWTStrategy = xssec.JWTStrategy
passport.use('JWT', new JWTStrategy(UAA_CREDENTIALS))

function getSupEmail(situBody,jwtB){
    const { businessPartnerApi,businessPartnerAddressApi,addressEmailAddressApi} = businessPartnerService();
   return businessPartnerApi.requestBuilder()
        destinationName: 'situo5p',
        jwt: jwtB


app.listen(process.env.PORT,  () => { console.log('===> Server started') })'/action', passport.authenticate('JWT', {session: false}), (req, res) => {
    const auth = req.authInfo

    if (! auth.checkScope(UAA_CREDENTIALS.xsappname + '.scopefordeficitaction')) {
        console.log(`===> [/action] ERROR scope for webhook access ('scopefordeficitaction') is missing`)
        res.status(403).end('Forbidden. Authorization for webhook access is missing.')
        //  console.log(req.body);

         const situBody = JSON.parse(req.body.input.dataContext);

         const jwtB = retrieveJwt(req);

            // console.log(email.toBusinessPartnerAddress[0].toEmailAddress[0].emailAddress);
            const transport = mail.createTransport({
                service: 'Outlook365',
                    user: '',
                    pass: 'password'
                const content =  "There are deficit in purchase order item" + situBody.I_POSITNCONFQTYDEFICIT.PURCHASINGDOCUMENT + "-"
                 +  situBody.I_POSITNCONFQTYDEFICIT.CONFIRMEDQUANTITY + ", Would you please check again? ";
                const subject = "deficit in Purchase Order " + situBody.I_POSITNCONFQTYDEFICIT.PURCHASINGDOCUMENT + "Item " + situBody.I_POSITNCONFQTYDEFICIT.PURCHASINGDOCUMENTITEM;

            const mailoptions = {
                from: "",
                to:  email.toBusinessPartnerAddress[0].toEmailAddress[0].emailAddress ,
                subject: subject,
                text:  content

            if (err) {
            } else {
        }) ;


The following is application in cloud foundry after deployment .


create a destination for the deployed application:


Use the destination  in  situation type configuration in Intelligent Situation Automation:

I just put the main steps and screen shot of the settings above, if you want to implement this, you can following the mission Automate Resolutions for PO Quantity Deficit from S/4HANA Cloud which will give you step by step guidance.

If you also want to implement automate resolving situation type Physical Inventory Monitoring with step by step guidance, you can follow the mission Automate Resolutions For Physical Inventory From SAP S/4HANA Cloud .

We also record a webinar for these 2 scenarios with Recording. We put everything in onepage including PPT for your reference .


The end!

Thank you for your time!

Best regards!

Jacky Liu






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      Nabanita Pal

      This is a very good document