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Author's profile photo S. Raja Gopalan

Use ChatGPT for Instant SAP Help and Training

ChatGPT is all the rage and SAP’s CEO, Christian Klein, has already stated that they have defined over 50 use cases.  Clearly, ChatGPT and other AI products will revolutionize our world in the next few years.

One of the many areas of benefit is in Training.  According to SAP’s own research, while skill matching levels are low, training can consistently increase productivity by 100% or more.  Global Business Consulting, Inc. recently made history by introducing the first ChatGPT-based SAP product.  The privately-held company also became the first SAP Partner to help reduce customer costs by creating a ChatGPT-based open-source training product on the  SAP Store

How can you use AI4ERP (SAP Edition)?

It is easy:  you can preview AI4ERP (SAP Edition) immediately at the SAP Store to learn about SAP transaction codes, business processes and Fiori applications, all online instantly.  (For a fully supported enterprise version, you can visit the SAP Store.)  When you log in, you get to see all the following use cases:

Use Case 1.  You can then learn more information on single or multiple SAP transaction codes, separated by commas:

Use Case 2.  You can learn about end to end business processes:

Use Case 3.  You can also learn about SAP Fiori Applications:

Guardrail Availability.  AI4ERP can also be used for other limited business purposes.  To avoid misuse and ensure that the app is being for approved purposes only, guardrails are implemented:

However, to prevent misuse, the ability to ask destructive questions is not permitted:

Hence, the benefit is that AI4ERP (SAP Edition) teaches SAP to business users with guardrails to prevent misuse, which makes it ideal for corporations who hesitate to use ChatGPT directly for fear of losing their intellectual property to the Internet.

The source code is open source and qualified developers may clone it from:  All code is in nodejs and may be implemented on SAP’s BTP platform as well.

Additional customization of the product is billable.  For more details, please contact GBC Support for their product AI4ERP (SAP Edition), share your thoughts in the comments below or follow and contact the author, S. Raja Gopalan



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      Author's profile photo Shai Sinai
      Shai Sinai


      Would you like to share what ChatGPT-based SAP product was introduced by Global Business Consulting, Inc.?

      Author's profile photo S. Raja Gopalan
      S. Raja Gopalan
      Blog Post Author

      Sure Shai, the name of the product is AI4ERP (SAP Edition) which can be accessed at:  Any further questions, please let me know.

      Author's profile photo Shai Sinai
      Shai Sinai


      I understand now that you were talking about the ChatGPT-based search utility you are describing in the blog.

      I thought you were referring to another SAP product.

      Author's profile photo Paul PINARD
      Paul PINARD

      Hi S. Raja Gopalan, thanks for sharing your knowledge on the SAP Community.

      Would you be able to add the "Artificial Intelligence" tag as one of the SAP Managed Tags of your blog post?

      Since it's about ChatGPT, this will help our community of AI experts to retrieve it through search more easily.


      Author's profile photo S. Raja Gopalan
      S. Raja Gopalan
      Blog Post Author

      Good thinking Paul!  This is now done!