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How to configure PDF Form as attachment to download in the Additional Data Collection step of Onboarding 2.0

As Implementation consultants we know how to configure attachment as a URL in the Additional Data Collection for a new hire to download attachment/form. Ideally, we are supposed to host this attachment on SAP server and then configure it. To make it work without hosting on the server, we can have the attachment configured on the UI and let Onboardee download, review it, and complete the Onboarding process. In the below scenario we will see how to configure downloading of PDF as an attachment.


Follow the below steps, screenshot shown below is an example only.


Step – 1: Create a Parent Custom Object as shown in the below screenshot and define all the values to be present in the Configuration UI. In this example we have used “Employment Form” as the parent custom object.


Step – 2: Create a Child Custom Object with similar name let’s say (ChildEmploymentForm)


Step – 3: Define “attachment” field in this child custom object. Do not define any other fields and provide the label per your requirement as shown in the below screenshot,

Step – 4: Toggle to Parent Custom Object which in this example is “Employment Form” and configure the “Valid When Association” as shown in the below screenshot which is Parent <–> Child association and provide the label name (optional) by clicking on the “details” for the association.


Step – 5: Configure business rules to define the attachment and set the “External Visibility” as shown in the below screenshot. Select the following while defining the business rules,

Scenario: Rules for MDF Based Objects.

Base Object: Select the Parent Custom Object (Employment Form) in this case.

Parameters: Select the Parent Custom Object from the dropdown.


Step – 6: Assign the above business rule to the parent custom object under the “Initialise” section.


Step – 7: Once the above step is completed, navigate to “Manage Configuration UI” and configure the UI for the parent custom object.


Step- 8: Go to Manage Data –> Create the Onboarding Data Collection Configuration and provide the Configuration UI name of the parent object.


Step – 9: Go to “SAP_ONB2_DataCollectionConfigSelect” business rule and add the object defined in the Manage data according to your requirement.


Step – 10: Test the above scenario with a new “Onboardee” and you will see the PDF on the Additional Data Collection Object which can be downloaded by the “New hire” as shown in the below screenshot,

Key Considerations:

By following the above steps, we can achieve having the attachment being downloaded by the Onboardee instead having it uploaded on the server.

We at VAKE Consulting are happy to offer such solutions and automations for all the modules of SAP SuccessFactors.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs, follow, like, share and do not hesitate to ask questions if you have!

Happy Learning!

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      Author's profile photo Ernest Lin
      Ernest Lin

      Hi Akash, this is extremely useful as customers always want onboardees to download onboarding documents for self-reading or upload back into SuccessFactors.

      Can you share for the actual PDF file to be downloaded by onboardee, which step/where is it configured/uploaded?

      Best Regards
      Ernest Lin

      Author's profile photo Vicky A. Anbasti
      Vicky A. Anbasti
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ernest,

      Hope you're safe and well!

      These forms can be custom forms and configured in the "Additional Data Collection" step of Onboarding.

      Hope this answers your question!



      Author's profile photo SURYA ALLURI

      Thanks Akash for valuable info.

      Could you help with where/how the PDF is configured? and how is it linked to the attachment field?

      Author's profile photo Vicky A. Anbasti
      Vicky A. Anbasti
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Surya,


      You maintain in Manage data!