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Tips for using Transaction PFCGMASSVAL

You want to execute mass operations on authorization data of roles:

  • Change existing organizational levels
  • Change field values of existing authorizations for an authorization object
  • Change field values of existing authorizations for an authorization field which is part of multiple authorization objects
  • Add or delete manual authorizations for an authorization object
  • Extend long text of role


You use transaction PFCGMASSVAL to perform mass operation on authorization data of roles.

You find the documentation in the system using the ‘Information’ pushbutton on the initial screen of the transaction (respective as report documentation of report PFCG_MASS_VAL).

Best practise / recommendations

Use a selection for roles always!
You never want to touch all roles.

Always run the simulation first!

This mode simulates the changes you want to make and displays them in a results list. During the simulation, the roles are locked and all necessary authorization checks are performed.


Use the selection options carefully – most likely you do not want to turn authorization status ‚Standard‘ and ‚Maintained‘ into ‚Changed‘.

Therefore, do not activate the corresponding checkboxes for ‚Standard‘ and ‚Maintained‘ and keep the checkbox about ‚no switch to status Changed‘ active.


After changing authorization data of root roles you adjust derived roles using PFCG for every root role using the menu path authorizations -> Adjust derived roles (or use report SUPRN_REGENERATE_DEPENDENT)
You can activate the checkbox ‚Exclude derived roles‘ to avoid touching derived roles by accident.

Do not forget: Always run the simulation first!



PFCGMASSVAL (= report PFCG_MASS_VAL) Mass maintenance of authorization values

PFUD (=report RHAUTUPD_NEW) User master data reconciliation

RSSCD100_PFCG (=report RSSCD100_PFCG) Show change documents for roles

RSSCD100_PFCG_USER (=report RSSCD100_PFCG) Show change documents for role assignments

SUPC (=report SAPPROFC_NEW) Generate role profiles


AGR_RESET_ORG_LEVELS Reset manual status and contents of organizational levels

PFCG_MASS_DOWNLOAD Bulk role download (upluad via PFCG -> Role -> Upload)

PFCG_MASS_IMPORT Bulk rolle import via RFC


PFCG_ORGFIELD_ROLES Synchronize Roles with Organizational Level Definitions

PFCG_UPDATE_ALL_ROLES Generate role profiles

PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES Compression of User Assignments for Roles

PRGN_DISPLAY_AUTH Display Authorizations of Roles

PRGN_INFO_COMPOSITE_ROLES Create Statistics for Production Composite Roles

PRGN_STATUS_ALL Status overview


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