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ABAP MULTI ALV Share source code

Hello everyone, this is my first blog, i would like to share with you a multi ALV display code repository written by me.


I am an ABAP developer who is willing to share. This blog will introduce an open source repository that I have written. It can display multiple ALVs on a single screen with a few simple lines of code, with a Tabtrips style horizontal and vertical layout. Its underlying implementation is based on the BUS Screen Framework. If you are interested in this framework, you will learn how to use it

System version requirements


ABAP 750 and later versions

Target Users

ABAP developer

If you want to display multiple ALVs on one screen and only need to write a little code, it can save you a lot of time.

Of course, it also allows you to display only one ALV, just by passing in a line item to IT_ALVS parameter.

Technical implementation

  1. FALV
  2. BUS-Screen Framework

Falv is a awesome project and I used it in my project . It can reduce my code volume and improve efficiency

How to use

It is very simple to use, as shown in the following code:

  SELECT * FROM usr21 INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_usr21) UP TO 100 ROWS.
  SELECT * FROM adrc INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_adrc) UP TO 100 ROWS.
  SELECT * FROM kna1 INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_kna1) UP TO 100 ROWS.
  NEW zcl_alv_multi( iv_mode = zcl_alv_multi=>alv_mode-horizontal
    iv_title = 'MULTI ALV DEMO01'
    it_alvs = VALUE #(
    ( title = 'USR21' table = REF #( lt_usr21 ) )
    ( title = 'ADRC' table = REF #( lt_adrc ) )
    ( title = 'KNA1' table = REF #( lt_kna1 ) )
    ) )->display( ).

You can find more demos in my code repository


1.horizontal layout: tabstrip style

Figure 1: “horizontal layout& selected tab1”

Figure 2: “horizontal layout& selected tab3”

2.vertical layout

Figure 3: “vertical layout”

Code repository



Reference link


BUS Screen Framework related blogs:
BUS-Screen Framework – A short introduction by Tudor Riscutia
BUS Screen Framework – Working with Tabstrips by Andrew Barnard
If you have any questions, please comment under the blog and I will reply as soon as possible.

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      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      Sadly I can't open your git repository. I get

      Current login language 'EN' does not match main language 'ZH'. Select 'Advanced' > 'Open in Main Language'

      When I attempt to switch, since I don't have ZH language installed, I get an error.


      Author's profile photo xiaosan yu
      xiaosan yu
      Blog Post Author

      hi Matthew,I have switched main language to "EN", please try again.

      Author's profile photo Amit Kumar
      Amit Kumar

      ERROR: Type "ZCL_ALV_MULTI" is unknown.

      Author's profile photo xiaosan yu
      xiaosan yu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi,Amit Kumar,I apologize for my lack of experience.

      I have changed the original language of all my objects to EN. Please try again.