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Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan national track & trace digital systems. Compliance with SAP ATTP – Part 2


Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are two large countries in Central Asia with 19 and 36 million inhabitants, respectively.
Like many other countries, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have launched a government serialization program to fight counterfeit and illegal medicines.
In 2023, in both of these countries, this program entered the final phase. All manufacturers and distributors must adapt their information systems to new government requirements.
For companies with SAP Landscape, using SAP ATTP with Add-ons for this purpose is a coherent step.
This blog-posts consists from two parts – part I about compliance in Uzbekistan, part II about compliance in Kazakhstan.
This is Part II.

2.Compliance deadline for Kazakhstan.

  • Phase 1: June, 2022: Initial preparation for complying with the regulation
  • Phase 2: August, 2022: Mandatory serialization (list of the 93 products. Kazakh manufacturers and foreign manufacturers.
  • Phase 3: October, 2022: Mandatory serialization for 20% of drugs
  • Phase 4: January, 2023:  Mandatory serialization for 60% of drugs
  • Phase 5: April, 2023. Mandatory serialization of at least 80% of drugs.
  • Phase 6: July, 2023. Mandatory serialization of at least 100% of drugs.


Other serialization industries:
  • Fur
  • Tobacco products
  • Shoes
  • Milk products
  • Alcohol
  • Soft drinks
  • Jewelry

SAP ATTP can also be used for these industries too.

3.GS1 Standards.

Government serialization in Kazakhstan based on GS1 Standards
Small overview:
3.1. GS1 Identification Standards: GTIN, SSCC, GLN, GCP [1]
GTIN is an identifier for trade items. Such identifiers are used to look up product information in a database (often by entering the number through a barcode scanner pointed at an actual product) which may belong to a retailer, manufacturer, collector, researcher, or other entity. The uniqueness and universality of the identifier is useful in establishing which product in one database corresponds to which product in another database, especially across organizational boundaries.
SSCC (Serial shipping container code):
The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an 18-digit number used to identify logistics units. In order to automate the reading process, they often encode the SSCC in a barcode, generally GS1-128, and can also be encoded in an RFID tag. It is used in electronic commerce transactions. The SSCC comprises an extension digit, a GS1 company prefix, a serial reference, and a check digit. It is all numeric. It applies to the tertiary level of packing.
GLN (The Global Location Number):
GLN is part of the GS1 systems of standards.
The GLN is used to identify physical locations or legal entities. The key comprises a GS1 Company Prefix, Location Reference, and Check Digit.
When a company joins GS1 they normally give it a number called a Global Company Prefix (GCP). A GCP is a unique number that can then be used as a base by the company to generate unique identification numbers for products (GTIN), shipments (SSCC), locations (GLN) and more.
3.2. GS1 Data Capture Standards: GS1 Data Matrix
On author’s photo: Data Matrix on drug package.
DataMatrix on drug packs for Kazakhstan market must consists:
GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) (14 digit) – AI (01)
Serial Number (13 digit) – AI (21)
Verification key (4 digit) – AI (91)
Verification code (44 digit) – AI (92)
On our example:
GTIN:  04750232014417
Serial number: 02007SNTW8V50
Crypto-Code (Verification key + Verification Code): )EE07 + /wocCK9s/NSRAxQh/3zPPfLEVVTub+ogphCLW4N30M=

4. Naqty Onim. Kazakhstan National Digital Labeling System.

Naqty Onim is the national system of labeling and traceability of goods, which is largely used by participants in the commodities turnover [2]
A key part of the National T&T Digital System: web-site, cash-register app and mobile app [2]

5.Kazakhstan Connector. SAP ATTP Add-on from 3Keys GMBH.

Right now SAP ATTP don’t have country specific settings for Uzbekistаn and Kazakhstan

Specific Add-on’s for this Central Asian countries offered by 3-rd party SAP partners
One of them  – Germany-based software company 3Keys GMBH
Add-ons by this company available in SAP Store for clients all over the world [3]

6.Uzbekistan Connector for ATTP in details. Installation.

6.1.  Prerequisite.
SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals 3.0 (STTP300) with support package 01 (on Jun,2023 – support package 02 also available) [4]
Transaction – SAINT in 000 client.
Installation of:
3Keys Kazakhstan Add-On 3.1: SAPK-301COINK3TKZ
3Keys Kazakhstan OMS Add-On 3.1:  SAPK-301COINK3TKZ1
6.3. BC Sets activation.
Transaction – SCPR20
Activation of:
  • /K3TKZ/CUST_OMS_3_1

7. Kazakhstan Connector for ATTP in details. Configuration.

7.1. Basis configuration. Prerequisite.
The DigiCert Global Root CA certificate should be added to the SSL client (Anonymous) in the transaction STRUST.  You can download it from attachments of Note #2631190 [5]
Parameter icm/HTTPS/client_sni_enabled with value TRUE shall be set in transaction RZ10 [6]
The corporate firewall, proxy, gateway, etc. should allow outbound HTTPS connection from ATTP to the Kazakhstan OMS.
Route from SAP ATTP server to port: 443) for QAS and DEV systems
from SAP ATTP server to (port: 443) for
 PROD system.
7.2. Basis configuration. HTTP destination.
Transaction – SM59
Create a new destination: OMS_KZ
Connection Type: G – HTTP Connection to External Server
URL: (port: 443) for QAS and DEV systems
From SAP ATTP server to  (port: 443) for PROD system.
7.3. Functional configuration.
A lot of functional configuration mandatory
New system in transaction /STTP/COCKPIT
OMS Identifier in transaction in /STTP/RU_SAFESTORAGE
and specific customizing in transaction in /STTP/CUSTGEN, etc
More information in 3Keys Confluence [7]

8. Business scenario.

When Basis and Functional configuration are completed.
Time to real business scenario. From production to shipment to distributors.
Step 1. GTIN registered in Naqty Onim digital system
Step 2. Crypto Codes received from OMS
Result referred in  transaction – /STTP/SNR_CRYPTO
Step 3. Codes are printed on drug packs as a DataMatrix
Step 4. In S/4HANA created outbound delivery and distributed from S/4HANA to SAP EWM and SAP ATTP
Step 5. In SAP EWM outbound delivery was picking and shipping
Step 6. Event OBSERVE and  “012 – loading” triggered from EWM to ATTP
Step 7. Invoice was completed and RSNAST00 outputs were processed
Step 8. Event OBSERVE “013 – shipping” triggered from S/4HANA to ATTP
Step 9.  Active Rule  (Transaction – /STTP/CUST_RULES) binding Business step “013 – shipping”, Location group “ZR_KZ” of Business Partner and Event “OBSERVE” triggered
Reporting Events –  Z3TKZ_OMS_AGGR and Z3TKZ_OMS_AGGR
Step 10. The transaction /K3TKZ/OMS_DISP (program /K3TKZ/OMS_DISPATCHER) selects OMS aggregation reports with status “2 – Not Sent: Waiting”, checks the OMS message sequence and sends the report to OMS system.
Step 11. The program /STTP/SNR_CRYPTO_GET_CONF_STAT is used to receive report status from OMS system for commissioning and aggregation reports with status “1 – Sent: OK” and non-empty field “External reference ID”. Response Status – OM07 PROCESSED: Report Has Been Processed (OMS)

9. Conclusion.

Short report about Kazakhstan national track & trace digital system presented.

10. Links.

[1] GS1 General Specifications Standard
[2] Naqty Onim. Kazakhstan National Digital Labeling System
[3] CRPT Connector — successful extension for SAP ATTP is now available in SAP Store for clients all over the world
[4]  Installation Note STTP: 2203586
[5] 2631190 – Download location of SSL certificates required for Support Hub Connectivity configuration
[6] Note 510007 – Setting up SSL on Web Application Server ABAP
[7] Kazakhstan Connector. 3Keys Confluence

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